Becoming an Airbnb host, a great idea or a great risk?

There are approximately 620 people in Westchester County making supplemental income hosting guests in their homes through Airbnb.  According to the head of northeast public Policy for Airbnb, in 2018 total Westchester County Airbnb host income was $6.6 million, with the average host earning $7100!  Future forecasts look even brighter, as the Hudson Valley is ..

When Pipes Freeze… how to protect your home from water damage.

When the weather is as cold as it has been over the last week, your home faces the very real danger of a burst pipe.  The #1 homeowner claim we see is the result of property damage due to a burst pipe.  Water is your home’s worst enemy and we want to help you prevent ..

Understanding Your Insurance Is Important.  Education Is Key – what you need to know about being underinsured.

By Denise Koslowsky When I talk about insurance, which is quite often, sooner or later the conversation will come back to what I currently consider a crisis – the many homeowners who are underinsured. It is an easy topic to understand when you are speaking in regards to the homes devastated by wildfires in California ..

Your World, Protected.  Making sure your insurance is ready for 2019.

No one really likes to think about insurance.  Insurance is a necessity that you take care of and don’t give a second thought until some type of unexpected disaster occurs.  Unfortunately, waiting to update your insurance broker could leave your insurance lacking when you need it most. Keep in mind, the more your insurance agent ..

What’s Better Than A Bottle of Wine?  – Insurance Tips for Wine Enthusiasts

If you’re a wine enthusiast who has been building a collection, we have an important question for you… Is your collection insured? According to Joseph V. Micallef, a writer for Food & Wine Magazine and contributor to Forbes, “On average, the value of the wine cellars of self-described wine connoisseurs is between $50,000 and $100,000. ..

Your Business, Protected

Running a business is both extremely rewarding and challenging.  On one hand, you get to do work you love every day, on the other you need to ensure your business is protected from any risks that could do it harm.  As your insurance advocate we want to be sure our business clients know what types ..

The Truth About Flood Insurance, What You Need To Know.

With all the rain and the abundance of hurricanes and tropical storms we’ve been faced with this year, Advocate Brokerage feels like we need to share some truths with you about flood insurance. Below are a few assumptions people make about flood insurance and what you need to know. I have homeowners insurance so I’m ..

Your World, Protected

  It’s been a cold, wet and snowy November.  As we head into the winter season your insurance advocate wants to be sure our clients know what steps to take to keep your home safe. Your home is your world and you want to be sure it is protected from winter’s woes.   Below are ..

Announcing Our New Strategic Partner

We are deeply excited to announce our new Strategic Partners, Berkley One. Their goal is to make insurance more innovative and we are proud to work with them. They wrote a wonderful article about Advocate Brokerage titled, The Value Of Transparency. Read the article HERE

Heavy Rains can lead to mold

                  It certainly seems like throughout the summer and so far this fall we have had more than our fair share of rain!  Heavy rainfall can lead to water invading homes and businesses causing thousands of dollars of damage.  When water infiltrates your home it can create ..

Rain, Rain Go Away!  Flood Insurance Facts.

The summer of 2018 is proving to be a very, wet summer. The national rainfall average is higher than normal and when adding in factors such as climate change and an increase in urban development, the risk for flooding increases. It also means that there are potentially millions of Americans who are at risk for ..

Don’t settle for Good Enough – Understanding Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is something that almost everyone needs which makes the insurance marketplace incredibly competitive. With an extensive list of insurance carriers looking to capture your attention, offering safe driving bonuses and savings of 15%, it is understandable that people shop for auto insurance by comparing price.  Understanding the many details within a policy then ..

New Car Replacement

                            By now we’re pretty sure you’ve seen or heard the ads offering you a brand new car if yours is totaled in an accident.  Who doesn’t love the idea of getting behind the wheel of a new, better car after you’ve ..

April is… Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April is Distracted Driving Month and all of us here at Advocate Brokerage are fully on board with the National Safety Council’s JUST DRIVE campaign. Traffic accidents are quickly on the rise and distracted driving is a key reason.  According to the National Safety Council in 2017 alone over 40,000 people were killed last year from accidents ..

The ABCs of Insurance Coverage for Jewelry

Last Valentine’s Day American’s spent roughly $4 Billion on gifts of jewelry.  Since sparkling gifts have become such a popular gift item at this time of year we thought we would do our best to review the ABCs of Insurance Coverage for jewelry. A is for Appraisals We cannot understate the importance of having regular ..

Close and Contain, it could save lives!

  Last week we posted a short blog about the increase in home fire fatalities this year. In case you missed it, the statistics showed that we’ve had a 60% increase in fatalities during the first 18 days of 2018 when compared to the first 18 days of 2017. We focused our attention on our ..

The #1 Homeowner Claim is Due to Frozen Pipes

When the weather is freezing cold, the pipes in your home face the very real danger of freezing.  The #1 homeowner claim we see is property damage that has been created by a burst pipe.  The losses can be devastating, even a small crack can create a sizable amount of damage. Water is your home’s ..

Driving Drunk, it’s not worth the risk!

New Year’s Eve is this weekend and since many celebrations involve alcohol we thought it important to remind our readers that drunk driving is never worth the risk.   According to the CDC: 48% of driving deaths on New Year’s Eve are alcohol related.   Despite the Dangers, Adults Still Drink & Drive According to ..

Is It Time….for an Insurance Review?

Another year is coming to an end and as your thoughts shift toward celebrating the holidays, winding down the year and making plans for 2018 to be a year filled with success, we wanted to share this… The more your insurance agent knows about their clients, the better they can serve you. At Advocate Brokerage ..

Insurance Every Business Needs

When it comes to running a business you need a balance of surety and moxie.  You need to take some risks to share your message with the world while at the same time protecting your business from the potential risks that can stall growth in its tracks.  We can help you be sure that your ..

The Rising Cost of Personal Auto Insurance

In a world where you hear at least once a day how you can save up to 15% on your car insurance, you may find yourself wondering… Are my auto insurance premiums too high? The cost of personal auto insurance is on the rise industry wide and we know there are many who are concerned ..

The Real Cost of a Moving Violation

There is nothing quite like the stress of seeing blue and red lights flashing in your rear view mirror.  Being pulled over is certainly no picnic and unfortunately the fun usually doesn’t stop there.  Unless you are lucky enough to be a let off with a warning it is often once you have a ticket ..

October is Fire Safety Month – Do you know Two Ways Out?

Every October, the National Fire Protection Association launches a campaign in an effort to bring fire prevention into the spotlight.  Each year NFPA chooses a specific theme and this year is no different.  While the last two years have focused on the importance of smoke detectors this year they are tackling a new topic to ..

Making Sense of Flood Insurance

    Making Sense of Flood Insurance Since late August our country has been dealing with the very real devastation of not one but two hurricanes.  With Hurricane Harvey, homes in Houston, never before affected by floods, were devastated leaving people with thousands of dollars of damage and no protection from insurance.  Hurricane Irma virtually ..

Preparing for the possibility of heavy rains and flood – from Hurricane Jose

On Friday we hinted that Hurricane Jose could become a storm to worry about, well so far it has remained offshore but it is still a storm to keep an eye on.  While it may not make landfall, the storm could produce heavy rains and the coastal flooding and the tropical storm-force winds that often ..

Making Cyber Security a Priority

This week over 143 million people were affected by a data breach at Equifax.  If you have not already, it is important to find out if you have been affected.  How? Head to the Equifax Trusted ID Website and find out.  Here is the link: What to do if you’ve been affected So you ..

Parent’s of Children 18 and older – Have you completed a health care proxy yet?  Understand the risks.

In June we wrote a blog that is important for all parents with teens who are approaching 18 or have already turned 18.  The blog was written specifically with parents of graduating seniors in mind but it is so important we felt we should address it once again.  If you are the parent of a ..

Parent’s of High School Graduates – Have you completed a health care proxy yet?  Understand the risks.

High School Graduation is another huge milestone in the life of your teen.   Your child is joyfully celebrating years of hard work; the exams they’ve taken the extracurricular activities they poured their hearts into and the relationships they’ve built.  You are fighting back tears of joy and wondering where all the years have gone.  And ..

Insuring your Computer on Wheels

  Technology is progressing every day in an attempt to make our lives easier, faster and safer. As it makes its way into every aspect of our lives there is sometimes a trade-off that come with progress.  One of those trade-offs occurs in the automotive industry.  Today’s luxury cars are basically computers on wheels and ..

Another Milestone on the Road to Adulthood – Prom

It’s prom week and as we help make preparations for this exciting night, we often find ourselves looking back on how much our kids have grown.  We find ourselves thinking about all of their accomplishments and the things that lie ahead.  Prom is epic; it’s a big milestone in the life of your teen as ..

Just Drive – April is Distracted Driving Month.

April is Distracted Driving Month and all of us here at Advocate Brokerage are fully on board with the National Safety Council’s JUST DRIVE campaign.   Traffic accidents are quickly on the rise and distracted driving is a key reason why.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2015 alone 3,477 lives ended ..

The most important caution you can take to protect your home from fire damage is to have a Central Station Fire Alarm installed

Back in January we posted a blog about how cold weather increases the likelihood of home fires.  Unfortunately, this weekend during the big drop in temperature, a home on Scarsdale’s Black Birch Lane experienced a fire during the wee hours of the morning. On Sunday, both Jeff Koslowsky & Glenn Binday were called to the ..

Smart Technology Can Stop Water in Its Tracks

By Denise Koslowsky Water is your home’s #1 enemy. It flows wherever it wants to flow leaving thousands of dollars of damage in its wake. In fact, water is 10 times more likely to result in a home insurance claim than fire. The losses created by a burst pipe are devastating but even a small ..

Advocate Brokerage enthusiastically supports the Greyston Foundation.  The vision of America that they celebrate daily is so beautiful we feel it is important to share. Statement from Mike Brady  President & CEO January 2017   On Inclusion – Are we to be a more inclusive or more exclusive society? From Boston Harbor to the Statue ..

Advocate Brokerage Adds Client Service Specialist to Create Concierge Services for Clients

Advocate Brokerage Adds Client Service Specialist to Create Concierge Services for Clients SCARSDALE, NY – Penny Smith joins Advocate Brokerage in the new role of Client Service Specialist. Mrs. Smith began her work with Advocate in September and will be focusing on providing concierge services that ensure clients are aware and satisfied with the services ..

PRMA Summit Follow Up

By Denise Koslowsky Last month I had the pleasure of taking part in the PRMA – that is Private Risk Management Association – Summit.  As a founding member, this is the third summit in which I have participated and the third year I have been asked to lead a round table discussion. This year’s Summit ..

Advocate Brokerage Principals Repeat as Five Star Award Winners. Westchester, NY – Denise Koslowsky and Roz Binday, principals at Advocate Brokerage have again been honored with the Five Star Award by Five Star Professional.  They received the Westchester Five Star Home/Auto Insurance Professional award for providing the highest in service and overall satisfaction again in ..

The importance of fire prevention

Details are still unfolding about the large Scarsdale house fire that occurred this weekend. Reports have suggested that the fire posed more of a threat due to the amount of clutter found in the home.  We wanted to take the opportunity to list a few of the ways it can make a bad situation worse: ..

Winter Prep for your Home and Vehicle

    Even with that dip in temperature a few weeks ago the weather has been on the mild side.  We want your home and auto to be prepared when winter finally decides to stick around for a while.  Below are a few important tips for making your home and car winter ready so that ..

Denise Koslowsky named a Certified Advisor of Personal Insurance by Wharton and Chubb   Scarsdale, NY —Denise Koslowsky of Advocate Brokerage in Scarsdale has been awarded a Certified Advisor of Personal Insurance (CAPI) designation from the Aresty Institute of Executive Education at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Chubb. Ms. Koslowsky is ..

Life with Teens – Surviving Halloween

If you have teenagers in your home, you may view Halloween as a time of year to get through as opposed to a night to enjoy. Teens want to have fun with their friends and on Halloween especially, they can get into all sorts of mischief!  From acts of vandalism to distracted driving to fun ..

Make Sure Fright Night is a Safe Night

For some Halloween is a night for perfect for having fun with friends.  For others it is a fright filled night that opens up your family and your property to risks.  Insurance claims increase around this time of year so we thought we would cover some of the types of claims we often see and ..

Fire Prevention for Businesses

Each October the National Fire Protection Association sets aside the month to promote fire safety. In a blog earlier this week we’ve talked about preventing fires at home and the importance of Smoke Detectors.  In today’s blog we have decided to focus on businesses and the things they can do to keep their employees and ..

Fire Prevention for Homeowners – Smoke Detector Tips

  Each October the National Fire Protection Association sets aside the month to promote fire safety. This year’s theme once again focuses on Smoke Detectors. 40% of fire deaths occur in homes with no smoke detectors! That alarming statistic is a key reason that for the past 3 years the NFPA has focused their theme ..

Hurricane Evacuation Kits

With parts of Florida, Georgia & South Carolina under evacuation orders, we thought we would offer you check list of things to pack as you head out on the road. Water Non-perishable foods (canned goods, trail mix, peanut butter, crackers) Can opener Disposable silverware, paper towels First Aid Kit (bandages, pain relievers, tweezers, antibiotic ointment) ..

Important Hurricane Information For Home Owners

With Hurricane Matthew heading toward the East Coast, Advocate Brokerage wants to offer the following tips to help you prepare as much as possible and recover as quickly as possible. First and foremost, safety first!  If you have been asked to evacuate, please do!  Do not attempt to ride out this storm; it is looking ..

Important Hurricane Information For Business Owners

When the threat of a Hurricane is imminent, there tends to be an intense focus on protecting personal property, rightfully so. However, business owners understand the need to protect their livelihood.  Losses that businesses incur during a hurricane can be crippling to a business. With Hurricane Matthew heading toward the East Coast, we offer the ..

The Environment, Sea Levels, Property Loss & You

By Roz Binday I’m not an alarmist and don’t buy into dooms day scenarios but I do believe in keeping my eyes open, being prepared and protecting the things I’ve worked hard to obtain.  So, when I saw an article in the Washington Post about rising sea levels, followed by a study from Zillow, I ..

Driving Drunk, it’s not worth the risk!

We’ve focused quite a bit in recent months talking about teen driving.  While young drivers provide quite a few talking points, with the end of summer and Labor Day celebrations around the corner we thought we would talk directly to our adult readers/drivers about driving under the influence of alcohol.   According to MADD: Every ..

The Legalization of Marijuana. Part 2 – For Businesses

Since 2012, when states throughout the US began to legalize the use of Marijuana, the insurance industry has been monitoring the potential added risks the new laws could bring. For Businesses                                                                      The use of marijuana while on the job can have a negative effect on your insurance premiums and policies.  If your employees come to ..

You, the Environment & Flood Insurance

Recent summer storms have showered a deluge of rain across our area.  We’ve seen flooding in New Jersey and I would guess that few of us were surprised.  The prevailing feeling still exists, flooding happens in coastal areas…not here. The truth is this:  floods can happen anywhere. Now add to that truth with the fact ..

Life With Teens – Summer Driving.  Be safe!

We’ve seen a ton of articles lately about teens driving during the summer months.  We’ve shared several on our social media spaces because as parents, we want our kids to have a fun, safe summer.  Also, as your insurance Advocate, we want to give you as much information as possible so that you can educate ..

Advocate Brokerage appointed Independent Agent for NatGen Premier

SCARSDALE, NY – Advocate Brokerage has been newly appointed as an Independent Agent with NatGen Premier, a newly formed division of National General Insurance. National General Insurance has recently begun to offer NatGen Premier.  Offering cutting-edge technology and a dedicated team of specialists providing white glove service, NatGen Premier offers premium insurance solutions to the affluent ..

Advocate Brokerage appointed Independent Agent for The Cincinnati Insurance Companies

SCARSDALE, NY – Advocate Brokerage has been newly appointed with The Cincinnati Insurance Company as an Independent Agent. The Cincinnati Insurance Company’s belief in the importance of the local independent agency system makes them an ideal partner for Advocate Brokerage Corp.  Both firms believe that for customers to have a positive experience when purchasing insurance, ..

What is the 2016 Hurricane Season going to bring?

June 1st marks the official start of Hurricane Season and the predictions of what type of season lies ahead of us have recently been released.  The season, which runs through November 30th, can produce market fluctuations, put a damper on travel plans, and add worry to millions of homeowners up and down the east coast. ..

Are Acts of God Covered?

Once again Roz Binday has written an informative blog to share her thoughts on an often asked insurance question….Are acts of God covered by my policy? Are Acts of God Covered? By Roz Binday   Your Home Insurance Policy People often believe that acts of God are not covered by insurance. While floods and earthquakes are ..

Boat Insurance: Relax and enjoy your boat!

We’ve had some cold days this spring but when the weather clears and the sun is shining, we get a glimpse of the summer that lies ahead!  Recreational boating is a big sport here in the US; in fact over 88 million adults enjoy time out on a boat each and every year. We want ..

Gather around the table, it’s Passover!

This year Passover begins on Friday April 22nd and runs through Saturday April 30th. The most celebrated and beloved of the Jewish Holidays, Passover, like most holidays, seems to center around the table. We love our traditions as much as anyone…recipes handed down through the generations but we thought it might be fun to explore ..

We’re proud to be a part of this great charity!  Check out Backyard Sports Cares’ press release about their successful event. ANNUAL FUNDRAISER A SUCESS! Backyard Sports Cares Annual 3-on-3 Adult Basketball Tournament Raises Over $45K White Plains, NY – April 18, 2016 – Backyards Sports Cares (BYSC), a Westchester-based non-profit (501c3) that provides team ..

Risk Management in the Hospitality Industry

  There are risks in any industry.  One of the industries that face a large amount of risk is the hospitality industry. Managing these risks is crucial to making sure your hospitality based business will run smoothly. This blog lists some of the major risks facing the hospitality industry and some Advocate Tips on how ..

Drones as holiday gifts = drones filling the sky!  What you need to know if you are about to become a drone owner.

This holiday season one of the hottest gifts is Drones.,, and are all featuring articles about drones and how they are the hot gift this holiday season.  Advocate Brokerage would like to help you prepare for all that comes with owning a drone.  From FAA regulations, to safety guidelines to insurance and liability issues, ..

Elizann Arizmendi of Advocate Brokerage completes inaugural segment of CPRIA Certification

SCARSDALE, NY – Elizann Arizmendi, Personal Lines Marketing Manager at Advocate Brokerage, is one of 193 professionals to complete the first segment of Private Risk Management Association’s (PRMA), Chartered Private Risk and Insurance Advisor (CPRIA) Certification. The CPRIA Certification is composed of six segments; the inaugural segment titled “The Fundamentals of Personal Risk Management”. The CPRIA Certification ..

Stay Safe on the Roads this Holiday Season

The holiday season is here and current mild temperatures withstanding, winter will be approaching….soon.  Advocate Brokerage would like to make sure you are ready to hit the road this holiday season, prepared for whatever the weather or other potentially hazardous driving conditions may come your way! 23% of all fatal crashes are weather related When ..

Winter Prep for your Home and Vehicle

With the temperature dipping and winter approaching, it’s only a matter of time before you walk outside to snow and ice!  December is here and winter is coming so we wanted to share Advocate’s top tips for getting your home and vehicle ready for the cold winter months! For your Home Have your furnace inspected ..

Hurricane Insurance Checklist

Prepping for hurricane season is more than just getting your prep kit together and making sure your family and home are safe when the storm hits. Before all of this happens, there’s one important detail we don’t want you to forget: your insurance. Here are a few pre-storm tips on what you should do insurance-wise ..

Hurricane Preparation for Businesses

Often times when we think of hurricanes, we first worry about the safety of our family and our home. But for business owners, there is a worry that follows those: what about my business? It is essential to prep your business just as you would your home in the event of an oncoming hurricane. Here ..

Hurricane Preparation for Homeowners

In the event of a serious storm, protecting your family is essential. The best way to make sure if this is to prepare your home ahead of time. When your home is protected, these storms may not seem so bad after all. Here are some tips on how you can prepare your home for a ..

Hurricane “Just In Case” Kit

The best way to be prepared just in case; is to put together a resource kit for you and your family.  While most storms don’t cause massive damage, you’ll be prepared in the event that one does. Below is Advocate’s comprehensive list of items to have on hand Just in Case a major storm comes ..

Storm-Proofing Your Home

As the end of summer fades and our fun filled Labor Day weekend becomes a memory, we move deeper into storm season. Some storms are minor and blow over quick, but others can be devastating. We want you to be prepared in the event of a severe storm, so here are some tips on how ..

“I had to do something” ~ Glenn Binday

“I had to do something”  I think we can all remember where we were and what we were doing on 9/11/2001.  That tragic day in our not so distant past when 2 planes crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and the country watched in stunned silence.  I know for me it ..

Family Business – Make Passing the Torch Easier

  It is hard to imagine a better legacy than passing a thriving family business on to the next generation.  Unfortunately there are often stumbling blocks such as: insufficient preparation, sibling and inter-generational rivalries, incompatible ideas and/or visions. Add in the personal emotions that exist more in family settings and you can end up with ..

Slick Weather Conditions: How to Drive Safer in Them

Summer should be a fun time of year, but the fun can end very quickly on a rainy day if you don’t adjust your driving. Road conditions are greatly changed during a rain storm, and can make driving much more difficult.   What Makes Rainy Driving More Dangerous? There are many factors that can create ..

Vacation Homes: Making Sure You’re Adequately Covered

Vacation homes are a great investment. Whether you use it for the occasional weekend getaway or for a summer away from home, knowing you have a second home in a location you love is a wonderful feeling. Vacation homes do however carry some risk, especially since they remain unoccupied for extended periods of time. Below ..

It’s hot out there – Extreme heat can be dangerous

View image | Temperatures over the weekend soared and followed us into our workweek.  Excessive heat can be dangerous.  Illness is possible, even deadly. The American Red Cross offers steps people can take to stay safe when temperatures rise.  We encourage you to read through the tips below and apply them, especially for people ..

3 Common Tire Failures and How to Avoid Them

View image | Automotive technologies have made our lives on the road so much easier. Between the hands-free systems for our cell phones to blind spot monitors, to voice guided GPS systems, there is no doubt that these innovations have made our driving experience more convenient not to mention safer. Even with all those ..

Happy Father’s Day…a tribute to our Advocate Dads

I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection. – Sigmund Freud Father’s Day is Sunday and I would like to spend a moment to talk about the Advocate dads, specifically my father Ronald Binday, my brother Glenn Binday, my husband Jeffrey Koslowsky, Advocate’s Business Development Manager, Craig ..

Prom – A night to remember, for all the right reasons!

With Scarsdale High School Prom coming up next week, we felt it important to address some of the insurance concerns surrounding this special night.  While we all want our kids to have a memorable night, I think we can all agree that safety comes first.  Today’s blog will address the risks often associated with the ..

Making your summer carefree is our job!

Memorial Day is upon us and as it is often looked at as the unofficial first day of summer we felt it was important to talk about your summer insurance needs. We want to make sure your summer is as carefree as possible. Today’s blog will address insurance for boats, collector cars and rental cars ..

What is High Net Worth Insurance?

By Denise Koslowsky, Founding Member, PRMA and Principal, Advocate Brokerage Corp. From the beginning, Advocate Brokerage has specialized in providing insurance for the High Net Worth Market.  It is a niche that we felt needed specialized attention and we were delighted to step in and fill the gap.  I thought it would be nice to ..

Advocate Brokerage Gains National Recognition from PURE

Advocate Brokerage has once again been recognized as a PURE Paragon agency, making them the only agency in Westchester County to receive the honor for two consecutive years. The PURE Paragon honor identifies those independent brokers that have earned PURE’s Model Broker Designation.  In fact, this year’s elite group includes only 11 agencies nationwide. “We ..

Thanks Mom!

Thanks Mom! Sunday is Mother’s Day and I want to take a moment again this year to pay tribute to my mom and my business partner, the Founder and President of Advocate Brokerage, Rosalyn Binday. My mom got her insurance license while she was pregnant with me, and killed herself over the years to turn ..

How your home based business may put you at risk

One in four people living in the US operate some type of home based business. Add in telecommuters and you have a large percentage of the population who may have gaps in their current insurance coverage! Today we would like to talk about home based businesses and how relying on your homeowner’s policy to provide ..

The Truth About Flooding

  You hear a lot about flooding and flood insurance yet even with all the noise, it’s still easy to think, “I don’t live in a flood zone, it can’t happen to me.” But the truth is, it can.  Floods can happen anywhere. They are not planned. In fact there isn’t a state in the ..

Employee Appreciation Day

Today is Employee Appreciation Day and we would be remiss if we let it pass without paying tribute to Team Advocate. The hard working folks who make it possible for us to do what we do on a daily basis! We give a Standing Ovation to our long time employees with 15+ years of service ..

Denise Koslowsky featured on entrepreneurship expert Jim Blasingame’s  The Small Business Advocate® Show

Advocate Brokerage’s own Denise Koslowsky was invited to share her expertise and experience in small business with Jim Blasingame, one of the world’s foremost experts on small business and entrepreneurship. The Small Business Advocate® Show is the only weekday radio talk show dedicated to small business.  Denise was featured on Thursday’s episode.  Click below to listen to ..

It’s Umbrella Day

Which is a bit silly considering yesterday’s snow storm, but I digress, it is UMBRELLA day so I thought it would be entertaining to tell you more about Umbrella Insurance and why we at Advocate Brokerage think it might be the most important part of your insurance portfolio.  I like to call it the “sleep ..

I resolve…to be organized.

This is the last blog in our resolution series and we are going to focus on getting your insurance policies organized! Reviewing Your Insurance Needs Generally speaking, brokers and insurance carriers go through a renewal process on a yearly basis. At Advocate Brokerage, we stay in touch with our clients, reviewing their policies annually for ..

I resolve…a picture is worth 1000 words

    I resolve to be more organized! As we have mentioned in previous blogs, one of the top resolutions made each year is to be more organized. One area where many people seem to be organizationally challenged is when it comes to having a record of items owned.  In fact, according to the National ..

Tis the season to travel.  Tips to keep you safe!

This is it, the week to hit the road and spend some time with friends and family.  AAA estimates that some 98 million people are expected to travel in the air and on the roads during this busy week.  At the same time, there are weather concerns on the horizon that might make holiday travel ..

Keep Hanukkah Happy.  Safety Tips for the Festival of Lights!

Hanukkah brings families together for 8 nights of celebration.  As you gather around the menorah, play games and share a meal, team Advocate wants you to be sure you are playing safe. Hanukkah & Fire Safety Plenty of house fires have occurred during Hanukkah celebrations and the traditions that surround them.  The Fire and Rescue ..

Shop Safe on Black Friday!

The biggest shopping day of the year happens this week!  Over 308 million shoppers will be out and about the day after Thanksgiving (some shoppers will even venture out on Thanksgiving Day) to take part in this holiday tradition and take advantage of great deals.  While everyone loves to find a bargain, it is important ..

November is National Scholarship Month

  While most commonly thought of in terms of financial aid for education, scholarships come in all shapes and sizes.  We want to help raise the awareness of the need for scholarships simply because they help people realize their dreams! Giving back is a central theme in our philosophy and as such, Team Advocate donates ..

Thank You To Our Veterans!

We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude. Cynthia Ozick Veterans Day is the day the nation has set aside to honor those who have served in the US Military. Banks, schools, libraries & the US postal service are closed in observance of this special day. Many look forward to ..

Providing the very best customer service possible is the single most important thing to Advocate Brokerage Corp.  We believe in investing personalized attention in each one of our clients. In an effort to continue our high standards of service, we are pleased to announce an expansion within our Personal Lines Department. Denise Koslowsky, Principal at ..

People Make the Difference at Advocate Brokerage Corp

The team of professionals that make up Advocate Brokerage Corp seem to understand on a deeper level how important people are in the insurance equation.  With the goal of becoming their client’s true Advocate for every insurance need, our talented staff, is dedicated to making sure each customer has the protection they need to protect ..

New Flood Insurance Rules & how your Advocate can benefit you!

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is in the process of implementing congressionally mandated reforms so that homeowners will have access to adequate protection at rates they can afford. The good news Let’s start with the good news.  FEMA is putting caps on the cost of flood insurance for those ..

Your employee’s driving record & you

Business owners and the insurance agents who love them, know all too well that much of your time is spent managing risks. For employers who require the operation of a motor vehicle as part of their staff’s job description, the driving habits of your employee is something that needs to be considered.  In our last ..

SOWE Food & Wine Festival 2014

Wondering what to do with yourself this weekend? How about Eat, Drink & Do Good? This Friday, Saturday & Sunday is the Southern Westchester Food & Wine Festival, an event planned to bring the community together through food, wine & beverage sampling…all while helping to raise awareness and funding to fight hunger, obesity & malnutrition. ..

By Denise Koslowsky A happy customer means everything to us. It is why we do what we do. It is why the company was founded. We want to make the business of purchasing insurance easy for our customers.  We want to make life situations that are potentially stressful, stress free.  We want to educate our ..

It’s National Mold Awareness Month

Does your insurance policies offer full coverage in the event of a mold related claim? The US Environmental Protection Agency named September: National Mold Awareness Month, so we thought it would be a good time to talk about how it can cause significant damage to your home, how mold relates to insurance and finally some ..

Housekeepers & Nannies & Gardeners, Oh My!

Understanding the risks (and how to avoid them) of employing household staff. Being an Advocate for Every Insurance Need is something we take seriously around here! We are here to serve the needs of the upwardly mobile. To identify potential risks, provide education on how to avoid those risks and to match the best protection ..

Tips to keep your unoccupied home protected

Homes remain unoccupied for a variety of different reasons, notes Trusted Choice, part of Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America, Inc. Some of the reasons homes sit unoccupied include: You own more than one residence and divide your time between houses. You are doing extensive renovations on your primary residence. You are traveling for ..

Tips on how to keep your valuable art protected

When it’s Hot Hot Hot Tips on how to keep your valuable art protected Summer is here and has brought the heat and humidity we’ve come to expect along for a ride. For collectors of fine art, summer time could mean trouble for your valuables.  “Paintings and other works of art on paper expand and ..

Does your business need kidnap and ransom insurance?

Be sure Proof of Life does not become Real Life. A U.S. oil company engineer working in South America is kidnapped from his car by anti-government guerrillas, who demand a huge ransom for his return. His wife and company turn to an international operative who is experienced negotiating with terrorist kidnappers – and, if necessary, ..

Advocate Salutes Geraldine Greene of SFCS

Long-time Executive Director of Scarsdale § Edgemont Family Counseling Services, Geraldine Greene, was honored on June 19th at the 21st Annual Gourmet Galaxy Benefit at The Fountainhead in New Rochelle. Geraldine has been a driving force at SFCS for the past 35 years, leading its transition into a nationally accredited agency with support programs for ..

When Coverage Isn’t So Clear

Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover a Business Event? Will you be inviting your clients and business associates to your home for a gathering this summer?  If the event includes a business presentation or discussion of a deal, you should think twice about your insurance coverage. Legally –for insurance purposes – a business-related gathering may be ..

Horses and Yachts and Planes, Oh My!

There is an old saying that the bigger the boys, the bigger the toys, and for High-Net-Worth Individuals, those big toys can include: exotic cars personal aircraft yachts horses These toys are fun, exciting and beautiful.  With a big initial investment, plus additional costs to run, maintain and store these recreational resources, it makes no ..

Happy Father’s Day…a tribute to Ronald Binday

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” – Jim Valvano With Father’s Day just around the corner, I would like to take a moment to talk about my father, Ronald Binday.  My dad spent years in the insurance industry before joining mom at Advocate Brokerage Corp.  ..

Hurricane Preparation

Sunday June 1 is the official start of Hurricane Season! Are you ready to meet: Bertha, Dolly, Kyle, Laura, Vicky & all their friends? This week is National Hurricane Preparedness Week.  A time for us to take precautions to make sure our homes and businesses are ready to weather the storms.  With the major storms ..

Wedding Insurance

You’ve dreamed. You’ve planned. You have given all you can to turn your dream wedding into a reality. But what happens when the day isn’t turning out like you envisioned? What if events beyond your control threaten to interfere with your special day? Consider wedding insurance to provide extra protection and peace of mind. With ..

Protection from water damage

Rain It makes the flowers grow leaving behind a beautiful blanket of colorful flowers. It can also leave behind leaky roofs and flooded basements. We are in the midst of spring’s rainy season but once we round the corner and begin heading toward summer, the threat doesn’t end, hurricane season is there waiting for us ..

A Mother’s Love

“Motherhood:  All love begins and ends there.”  Robert Browning In two days we will celebrate Mother’s Day but I’d like to begin my celebration just a few days early by paying tribute to the Mother of our company, my mother, Rosalyn Binday.  My mom founded Advocate Brokerage Corp when I was a child for a ..

Protect Your Gift of Love this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day and the shopping season that precedes it, is a BIG day for retailers.  In fact, it is 2nd only to Christmas.  The statistics show that we love our moms and wives and that we take advantage of this special day to let her know just how we feel! What are we doing to ..

Least expensive to insure ≠ most boring!

Whether you’re buying you first automobile, giving a car to as a graduation or Sweet 16 gift or just want a simple car that is cheap to run, paying attention to potential insurance premiums can save you money. When it comes to insurance costs…. all cars are not equal. Kelley Blue Book annually lists the ..

Junior League of Central Westchester’s Glitz & Glamour Supports Community Programs

The Junior League of Central Westchester’s mission to improve the local community garnered huge support during their Glitz & Glamour Spring Fundraiser.  The JLCW’s well attended event was co-sponsored by Pepe Infiniti and 42 The Restaurant.  Held at Pepe Infiniti in White Plains, the event featured a cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres provided by Nikos ..

Getting your home Spring Ready – Inside & Out

Now that the weather has warmed up, the time has come to get our homes ready for the spring season and all the celebrations that spring brings.  When you think about getting your home spring ready, what often comes to mind is the standard scour everything spring cleaning.  While that is important, we would like ..

Insurance For Your Home Improvement Project

Are you planning a remodeling project or addition for your home this year?  Construction season is upon us, and it’s important to have the right insurance coverage. The Insurance Information Institute says if you’re hiring someone to do the work, be sure that the house, the contractor and the subcontractors have adequate insurance coverage. Before ..

Insuring a Pricey Rental Car

With graduations, birthdays, Father’s Day, reunions and proms fast approaching, some may want to make a statement by renting a luxury or exotic vehicle to impress others or just to enjoy the sights, sounds and excitement that comes with these types of cars. Services like Gotham Dream Cars and Hertz Dream Car Collection let anyone ..

Don’t Let Low Policy Limits Be Your Umbrella

By Rosalyn Binday Are you unfortunately familiar with the term “policy limits?” If you’ve ever had someone slip and fall on your front steps or been at-fault in an auto accident, you just might be. Policy limits are the maximum that your insurance will pay for a specific claim.  For example, if you buy only ..

Quarterly Residential Construction Review

Looking Up! The housing market continues to show improvement, with the outlook on residential construction improving for 2014. By last November, sales of new single family homes rose 16.6% compared to the same time the year before. By year end 2013, construction spending rose a solid 5.9%. Below are examples of inflation changes over the ..

The Top Risks Businesses Face

Every company, large and small, has unique risks. Some have workers who operate heavy machinery or drive vehicles while on the job, while others serve food and alcohol or handle toxic substances. Doctors and hospital staff handle patients, body fluids, sharp needles and equipment. Some employees handle sensitive documents, data, or money, potentially opening the ..

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Will He Pop the Question?

  By Rosalyn Binday Valentine’s Day is a popular day to get engaged. But popping the question is just the beginning step in preparing for one of the biggest days of your life. One of the largest online resources for wedding information,, periodically releases a collection of fun and interesting statistics about weddings in ..

Westchester Insurance Professional Joins Advocate Brokerage

Susan Wattenberg, an insurance professional in Westchester County for more than 25 years, has joined Advocate Brokerage in Scarsdale as Senior Marketing Representative. Ms. Wattenberg is a specialist in offering individualized and personalized insurance protection for high-net-worth families. Her career has included management of a staff of 12 Account Executives servicing a $22-million premium Personal ..

Are You Making Costly Insurance Mistakes? – Make It Your 2014 Resolution to fix them!

An alarming number of respondents, about 38 percent, say they have never conducted research before purchasing their insurance policy, in a new, national survey by Trusted Choice and the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers. The survey also found that more than one of every three surveyed policyholders has not even talked to their insurance agent ..

Martin Luther King – I Have a Dream on August 28, 1963 In honor of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., take a moment today and think about everything in your life that you are thankful for. We have included a link to a video of Dr. King’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech ..

A Resolution to Remember

           Along with losing weight, getting a better job and having a date night with your spouse once a week, another New Year’s resolution you should make is to update your insurance policy.            The Property Casualty Insurers Association of America issued the following five New Year’s ..

Five Tips That Can Help You Stay Safe During the Holidays

The holidays are meant to be a time for fun and celebration with family and friends. However, the hectic pace of the holidays can also present increased risks, such as overcrowded stores and greater opportunities for thieves to target your valuables and personal information. Here are five simple tips to help you have a safe ..

The Cost of Texting

By Rosalyn Binday Authorities across the country are getting serious about drivers who choose to watch their phones instead of the road.  In Florida, for example, a texting-while-driving ban went into effect on Oct. 1 in a move by the state to prevent accidents. In June, New Jersey last summer raised the fines and penalties ..

Superstorm Sandy Revisited

The first year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy gives us time to reflect what we learned from this unprecedented event.  In our 45 years as insurance brokers in Westchester County, we never encountered a situation where so many people were not merely inconvenienced, but had parts of their lives destroyed. Trees toppling onto homes, excessive flooding, ..

Wildfires in New York State – Yes, They Happen How to Protect Your Family and Your Home

In early April 2012, as a dry winter gave way to a dry spring, a wildfire ignited near the Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island. Before it was brought under control, the fire had consumed 1,000 acres and two homes. We don’t usually think of wildfires as a danger to life and property in the ..

Urban or rural, if your home is located in a brush or woodland setting, you may face the very real threat of wildfire. Wildfires often begin quietly and then spread quickly, igniting brush, trees and even homes. Chubb can help protect your family, home and property from wildfire with a unique combination of coverage and ..

Brownies That Do Good – Greyston Bakery

Scores of ice cream lovers across the country have consumed the delicious frozen treats made by Vermont-based Ben & Jerry’s. But did you know that the chewy fudge brownies in Ben & Jerry’s flavors such as Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Half Baked come from a local business? The team at Advocate Brokerage would like to ..

With the warm weather of summer just around the corner, the team at #AdvocateBrokerage has a suggestion for a memorable tri-state vacation spot you may be unfamiliar with, plus a variety of personalized #insurance plans, that can give you peace of mind while your enjoying the fun and sun there. There are many great places ..

Safety First!

Though mandatory in most states, #insurance is essential to protect your family in the event of a car accident. The most important advice we at Advocate Brokeragecan provide to you as a driver is to educate yourself and your family about safety techniques you should all be aware of to cope with unexpected situations on ..

Your World, Protected – making the process of buying insurance a more positive experience

We obsess over your insurance, to provide you with comprehensive coverage. We do so by… Taking the time to get to know you Using the knowledge we gain to identify specific exposures to risk Coming up with a comprehensive insurance plan And finally… Educating each of our clients on their risks and discussing how our ..