Fire Prevention for Businesses

Each October the National Fire Protection Association sets aside the month to promote fire safety. In a blog earlier this week we’ve talked about preventing fires at home and the importance of Smoke Detectors.  In today’s blog we have decided to focus on businesses and the things they can do to keep their employees and ..

The Environment, Sea Levels, Property Loss & You

By Roz Binday I’m not an alarmist and don’t buy into dooms day scenarios but I do believe in keeping my eyes open, being prepared and protecting the things I’ve worked hard to obtain.  So, when I saw an article in the Washington Post about rising sea levels, followed by a study from Zillow, I ..

The Legalization of Marijuana. Part 2 – For Businesses

Since 2012, when states throughout the US began to legalize the use of Marijuana, the insurance industry has been monitoring the potential added risks the new laws could bring. For Businesses                                                                      The use of marijuana while on the job can have a negative effect on your insurance premiums and policies.  If your employees come to ..

Risk Management in the Hospitality Industry

  There are risks in any industry.  One of the industries that face a large amount of risk is the hospitality industry. Managing these risks is crucial to making sure your hospitality based business will run smoothly. This blog lists some of the major risks facing the hospitality industry and some Advocate Tips on how ..

Hurricane Preparation for Businesses

Often times when we think of hurricanes, we first worry about the safety of our family and our home. But for business owners, there is a worry that follows those: what about my business? It is essential to prep your business just as you would your home in the event of an oncoming hurricane. Here ..