The ABCs of Insurance Coverage for Jewelry

Last Valentine’s Day we spent roughly $4 Billion on gifts of jewelry.  Since sparkling gifts have become such a popular gift item at this time of year we thought we would do our best to review the ABCs of Insurance Coverage for jewelry. A is for Appraisals We cannot understate the importance of have regular ..

Close and Contain, it could save lives!

  Last week we posted a short blog about the increase in home fire fatalities this year. In case you missed it, the statistics showed that we’ve had a 60% increase in fatalities during the first 18 days of 2018 when compared to the first 18 days of 2017. We focused our attention on our ..

The #1 Homeowner Claim is Due to Frozen Pipes

When the weather is freezing cold, the pipes in your home face the very real danger of freezing.  The #1 homeowner claim we see is property damage that has been created by a burst pipe.  The losses can be devastating, even a small crack can create a sizable amount of damage. Water is your home’s ..