Parent’s of High School Graduates – Have you completed a health care proxy yet?  Understand the risks.

High School Graduation is another huge milestone in the life of your teen.   Your child is joyfully celebrating years of hard work; the exams they’ve taken the extracurricular activities they poured their hearts into and the relationships they’ve built.  You are fighting back tears of joy and wondering where all the years have gone.  And ..

Insuring your Computer on Wheels

  Technology is progressing every day in an attempt to make our lives easier, faster and safer. As it makes its way into every aspect of our lives there is sometimes a trade-off that come with progress.  One of those trade-offs occurs in the automotive industry.  Today’s luxury cars are basically computers on wheels and ..

Another Milestone on the Road to Adulthood – Prom

It’s prom week and as we help make preparations for this exciting night, we often find ourselves looking back on how much our kids have grown.  We find ourselves thinking about all of their accomplishments and the things that lie ahead.  Prom is epic; it’s a big milestone in the life of your teen as ..