Better Communities Across The Tri-State – What We Do.

By: Advocate Brokerage

Advocate Brokerage is an active community member around the tri-state area that we serve. Wee feel that is part of our responsibility to the individuals and business we insure.

Greyston Foundation and Bakery based in Yonkers, New York, is a model for comprehensive and sustainable community development, we at Advocate are proud to support its work. The Foundation touches over 2,200 community members annually and provides numerous opportunities though a constructive and engaging program.

The Greyston Foundation is perhaps best known as a pioneer of local “social entrepreneurship,” solving problems of the inner city and reducing reliance on outside funding to create sustainable organizations and businesses.

The first of the Greyston Foundation’s enterprises was and remains the Greyston Bakery. Not only does the enterprise produce celebrated brownies, it is an essential component of Greyston and what became the first so-called benefit corporation in New York. A benefit corporation uses the profits of the business solely to solve social and environmental issues. Today, the Greyston Bakery has become one of the primary sources of funding for the Greyston Foundation.

Steven A. Brown, President and CEO of the Greyston Foundation, has expressed his pride and appreciation for the support from local corporations. “The support from Advocate Brokerage is extraordinary” said Mr. Brown. Members of the Advocate Brokerage team now work with Greyston in a broad range of positions. Jeff Koslowsky serves as a board member for the Foundation and played a key role in the development of its current structure.

The Greyston Foundation continues to achieve noteworthy success though it’s sustainable community organization. If you would like to help Greyston, they are always very welcoming to dedicated people wishing to improve the community. Why not join Advocate Brokerage in supporting this exemplary organization by volunteering, donating money, or purchasing tickets for the 2012 Greyston Benefit Gala.

Advocate is like few other brokerages in the country. We are notably active community members, leaders, and volunteers. We want to make communities safe, happy, and sustainable for all though our community efforts and our insurance policies. Contact us to see how we can provide you with comprehensive coverage that fits your life and budget.

For more information about Greyston, you can visit its website and for more information about Advocate Brokerage, visit our website, contact us, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Post written by DGI.

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