Fireman’s Fund Heritage® Program

By: Advocate Brokerage

Scarsdale Fire Department Talks About Their Company’s Grant

By Thomas Cain, Fire Chief, Scarsdale Fire Department

Many fire departments across the country are faced with funding challenges with my department, unfortunately, being no exception. That’s why I’m grateful that Advocate Brokerage Corp. and Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company partnered to award my department with a $10,000 grant.

Grant funds have been used to upgrade our department’s respiratory testing program. Specifically, we purchased a specialized electronic unit that tests the fit of firefighter’s face masks. The unit connects to a computer that provides a “quantitative” fit test that includes a print out of results, ensuring a reliable fit. Without a properly fitted mask, toxins can seep through and be inhaled by the firefighter causing great harm. In essence, properly fitted masks will ensure the safety of our members as they enter smoke-filled buildings, helping them do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.

Historically, we were forced to rely on a subjective “qualitative” test requiring firefighters to determine if they smell a sample odor leaking into his or her mask.

The grant was made through the Fireman’s Fund Heritage®program, Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company’s social mission to support firefighters for safer communities. Under the program, agents across the country who sell Fireman’s Fund products, like Advocate Brokerage Corp., have the opportunity to direct grants to fire departments. Fire departments use these funds for needed equipment, training and community education.

On behalf of the Scarsdale firefighters and the residents of this community, I would like to thank Advocate Brokerage and Fireman’s Fund for this generous donation.

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