Five Games For Your Great American Road Trip

By: Advocate Brokerage

The American “road trip” is a thing of tradition and legend. It has inspired countless films, stories and even poetry. Whether it’s returning home from school or taking a vacation with friends or family, road trips can be great fun, no matter what your destination. At Advocate Brokerage, we want to help make your next road-going adventure better though our comprehensive insurance and these five great road trip games. They will help time pass quickly while you enjoy the open road on any long drive.

Team story-telling is similar to the popular game of Mad Libs, but instead of just filling in the blanks, you create a story. To play, each person in the car takes a turn contributing and recording a sentence or word until your group decides it’s time to read your creation from start to finish. Any age can play and the results can be some very funny stories.

I Spy is our second great road trip game. It is a simple game in which one person selects an object that others can also see and takes yes-or-no questions from the other players about what it might be. The first person to guess the object correctly gets to pick the next. Great for all ages, this game can keep everyone in the car entertained for hours.

The Alphabet Game is another observation game that can be played competitively or cooperatively with the others on your road trip. To play competitively, every passenger looks outside the car for items that begin with each letter of the alphabet in order, starting with the letter A. For example, the first person to spot a sign for Applebee’s Restaurant and call out “A … Applebee’s,” wins the word and the game moves on to the letter B. Letters in license plates do not count. The person with the most words after getting through the very tough X, Y and Zs wins. This game can be played collaboratively by collaboratively by working as a team from A to Z, and everybody is a winner.

Our next game, a variant of 20 Questions, is “Animal, Vegetable, Or Mineral.”  One person secretly selects anything – from imaginary creatures to road salt. The other players begin by asking if the object selected falls under the category of Animal (anything that is alive and not a plant, including imaginary or extinct creatures), Vegetable (any plant or vegetation), or Mineral. After the category is determined, the players ask yes or no questions to aid in guessing the object. The person who guesses the object correctly picks the next.

Our final great game for those long road trip miles is called the “Banana Game.” Having almost nothing to do with the fruit, the object of the game is to spot yellow vehicles. The vehicles are scored depending on their size or rarity, and feel free to customize the rules. For example, a yellow cab in New York might be worth one point, but a school bus would get the maximum score of five.

A yellow Ferrari in Larchmont might get two points; in Kansas it’s a hands-down five. The first player to reach 25 points is the winner.

Before you and your family or friends hit the road this summer, make sure that your car is properly covered with a personalized insurance policy, customized to your needs and budget.

Looking forward to know your favorite game! Leave a reply below!

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