Gardening Safety: Precautions to Take this Summer

By: Advocate Brokerage

Summer gardening and upkeep is a popular pastime, one that many of us at Advocate Brokerage enjoy, but also one that comes with some serious health risks. According to the Better Health Channel, about one in five do-it-yourself injuries occur when gardening. But there are many ways to get the work done and stay safe at the same time.

Below, we have listed some simple pointers for you, provided by the Better Health Channel, to consider while beautifying your property this year:

  • Lawn Mower Safety: Many injuries are to hands and feet, but eye injuries can occur as well from debris that may fly around. Be sure to wear appropriate clothing as well as eye protection at all times.
  • Gardening Equipment: Use tools following their instructions and make sure power equipment has the proper safety devices. Also, be sure to use the appropriate tools for the job. Wearing gardening gloves will also protect you against a variety of minor injuries such as cuts, rashes and insect bites.
  • Garden Chemicals: Always be sure to wear the appropriate masks or garments. Read the directions carefully on the back of the product and follow them exactly so as not to harm yourself.
  • Gardening can cause other health problems such as back pain and knee injuries. Give yourself breaks throughout your day to avoid injuring your muscles and joints. Be sure also to protect yourself from the sun and its UV rays. Wear sunscreen as sun damage can lead to serious long-term health problems.
  • Be cautious when children are playing in the yard or around your home while you are using tools and machinery. Kids love to help, but don’t let children operate tools, try to lift things that are too heavy, or stand to close when you are chopping, hammering or digging, etc..

Also, re-evaluate your homeowner’s insurance if you have others helping you with projects around your property. Do you have workers compensation coverage should an accident occur? Be sure to understand if and how your insurance covers casual helpers . Visit our website for further information or contact our office to speak with a representative if you have questions about your own policies.

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