Tips on Hiring Your Summer Contractor

By: Advocate Brokerage

It’s summer time and the season for home renovations, deck installations, and lawn and garden makeovers. Of course, hiring a contractor to do all the work for you seems like the simplest option; however, if you don’t do proper research on your contractor, you may find yourself doing a lot more work than you anticipated.


Contractors can be a wonderful asset for renovating your property if you find the right one. If you haven’t had nightmarish issues yourself, you probably know someone who has. To avoid problems with a renovation or remodeling project, be sure to put on your investigative hat and take some time to get to know the contractor you may hire to work for you. If a contractor is open to providing you as much information as you would like without a high-pressure sales pitch, you may be on the right track.


According to, there are plenty of useful questions to ask a contractor – most importantly, is if they are licensed or registered as require by state and local jurisdictions.


Another important question to ask any contractor is whether they are insured or not. This is vital because you don’t want to be held liable for any mishap that may take place on your property.



Hot button reason provided by to avoid hiring a particular contractor include:


  • Requests cash-only payments


  • Door-to-door solicitation


  • Requests entire payment up front or requires a large down payment


  • Applies pressure for you to hire quickly


  • Offers discounts


  • Has no business number in directories or a physical address


  • Quotes your project without physically seeing it first


If you find yourself having issues with contractors and need advice regarding insurance and liability, please give us at Advocate Brokeragea call. We can discuss with you the types of insurance you should look for to cover your specific project. Visit our website for further information or contact our office to speak with a representative. Or leave a comment below and share your story about contacting issues!



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