Too Much Personal Property Coverage?

By: Advocate Brokerage

We are strong advocates for obtaining just the proper amount of #insurance you may need. We know not having enough insurance coverage could be detrimental to your well-being, but we also know having too much insurance could be unnecessary, costly, and even set you back.

Researching the appropriate insurance coverage and understanding exactly what you need to insure can be of the upmost importance. Many times, individuals will over-insure to achieve a sense of comfort and enjoy extra protection.

But, first ask yourself: is that annual payment you are paying worth it? There is #insurancecoverage for just about anything today and you may end up protecting personal property that has a lower value than the cost of your insurance.

This kind of over-investment resembles throwing your money into a black hole. The probability of benefiting from total insurance coverage policies is very slim.

At Advocate Brokerage, we are committed to helping you find just the right amount of insurance you need. No more, no less! We will carefully guide you through the process of evaluating your personal property to determine the most appropriate plan for you. To get started, click here to obtain a quote.

Post written by DGI

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