Protect Your Students Property – Even While At College

By: Advocate Brokerage

In the United States, we make investments everyday in our health, family, and future. Investing in education is a large commitment that many parents take on to help their children start of the path to a successful adult life.

According to, a leading information center for higher education, in 2011-12, 44 percent of all #undergraduate college students attended a four-year public colleges charging around $9,000 dollars annually in tuition and fees. This is relatively inexpensive when compared to private higher #education ($40,000 per year is not unusual) in the United States and does not include housing, food, books, and everything else todays college bound students need or want.

Laptops are a must for college students today, used for everything from communicating with friends and browsing the Internet, to writing papers and doing research. Though a valuable tool, laptops can be expensive, frequently costing upwards of $700.

One question that many parents would like to know the answer to is: Are items, such as a laptop that my child brings to school, still covered by my home insurance?

The answer is: Yes. Advocate Brokerage, typically, covers personal property that is normally located at your residence, but may currently be at another location. Contact us to determine the specific amount of coverage that you have or to increase your coverage because electronic equipment that is taken to college can be costly to replace. Protect you property from theft or damage with a personalized #HomeInsurance policy, affording peace of mind that fits your needs and your budget.

Post written by DGI

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