Safety First!

By: Advocate Brokerage

Though mandatory in most states, #insurance is essential to protect your family in the event of a car accident. The most important advice we at Advocate Brokeragecan provide to you as a driver is to educate yourself and your family about safety techniques you should all be aware of to cope with unexpected situations on the road.

The most important piece of advice we can relay is to make sure you are driving a safe vehicle. It’s fairly simple to do a quick routine check to your car on a regular basis. Make certain the air bags are on, tire pressure is in check, and all headlights and taillights are working properly.

Prior to putting your vehicle in drive, check that all passengers, particularly children, are wearing a seat belt. Also, keep children in the back seat at all times. When an air bag inflates, the resulting force can be extremely dangerous to small passengers.

Being aware of your surroundings is another crucial factor. Should you get into an accident, be sure to exit the vehicle as quickly as possible and move out of harm’s way. If it’s only a minor accident, such as a flat tire, never choose to repair the damage on a busy road. If you can move to a safer location, do so as soon as possible. Otherwise, remain in the vehicle and call for appropriate assistance.

Most relevantly, take control of your driving abilities and be attentive at all times. Obey speed limits and traffic signs. Avoid tailgating and other forms of aggressive driving. Be patient and respectful of pedestrians and other drivers. Remember, you are in control of yourself, but your actions can impact the safety of not only yourself and your passengers, but all others on the road.

Advocate Brokerage supports safe driving as a top priority. When an accident does occur, we are ready to work with you to guarantee you will get the most out of your coverage.

Post written by DGI.

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