Fire prevention at work, a check list for businesses!

By: Advocate Brokerage

Fire Prevention in the workplace

Most of the time when we talk about fire prevention, we are thinking about our homes.  Today we would like to shift the focus and discuss fire prevention for your office!

As with anything, proper planning is the key.  Below is a check list of fire prevention tips you can apply in your office space.  See how many of the items below you have accomplished.

  • Post building evacuation plans
  • Set a designated spot outside for employees to gather in the event of a fire
  • Designate team leaders who will do a head count to ensure all employees exited the building safely
  • Incorporate education of fire escape routes into all new-employee orientations
  • Ask employees to plan their escape route.  They should count the doors and desks between their work areas and the nearest exit
  • Once everyone has a primary route planned, have them select a secondary route in the event the first exit is blocked
  • Schedule regular fire drills
  • Do a lights out fire drill.  In the event of a fire, visibility could be very limited
  • Educate everyone on the location and use of all fire alarms
  • Periodically check your wires and cords for damage; if you find a damaged cord, replace it
  • Keep an eye on circuits to be sure they are not being overloaded

How many items did you check off the list?  Do you need to set some time aside to put together a more developed workplace fire prevention plan?  If you want more information, our friends at Maxons Restoration have some great tips on their website.  Check them out!

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