Meet Angie Reyes: Five Years With Advocate Brokerage

By: Advocate Brokerage


Angie Reyes is VIP Account Manager at Advocate Brokerage, which means that her entire job is handling the unusual.  

Most of Angie’s clients own vacation homes, so she is used to dealing with $6 million properties in Colorado and California, and handling houses in the Hamptons is a daily occurrence for her.

Angie is also expert at insuring massive home renovations, and at any point probably has 20 clients who are in some stage of a $3 million to – $5 million renovation.

She started her insurance career in 1994 and made the move to a very special role at Advocate Brokerage five years ago. 

“I used to work at another agency and I heard good things about Advocate,” the licensed broker says. “What I like here is the fact that we work as a team. The bosses and managers work with us and get involved, and we as a team find a way to get an issue resolved.”

Angie helps clients protect all kinds of property and possessions – some of it “normal stuff, like high-value homes, cars and recreational vehicles,” she says.

But specializing in the unusual, Angie is of called on to get a policy for things that are far out of the ordinary. “We insure a yacht – with six crew members,” she says of the most unique item in her book.

Helping Advocate clients have peace of mind that their insurance is complete and up to date is a favorite part of the job for Angie, and she is proactive assisting them understand their coverage and their needs.

“Clients sometimes forget to tell us that they have a grand piano,” she says.  “I reach out to them and say it’s time to get it on the schedule.”

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