Meet Lynn Palma: Thirteen Years with Advocate Brokerage

By: Advocate Brokerage


 Lynn Palma’s job as an Account Manager with Advocate Brokerage ensures that her days are always full – phones constantly ringing, office bustling, people rushing about, hours flying by – but she enjoys it. Her responsibilities include everything from answering billing questions to overseeing policy changes, and the variety of the work is exciting.

“It can be challenging, but I like being in a fast-paced environment like this one. At the end of the day I know I’ve helped people,” says the Eastchester resident.

Helping people, after all, is Advocate’s mission – and one of the main reason’s why Lynn enjoys working there. “Because I’ve been here so long, I have a relationship with my clients. There’s a comfort level there”.

At Advocate, customer service is emphasized, and Lynn reiterates this: “It’s different than other companies. We really go above and beyond the norm.”

This dedication goes from top to bottom at Advocate Brokerage. Lynn recalls how during Hurricane Sandy when there was no power at the office, Principal Denise Koslowsky set up a satellite office in her own home to help customers file claims.

That’s the level of service clients can expect from Advocate – a firm that exemplifies commitment to customer satisfaction, Lynn says.

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