Protect Your Teen and Get Peace of Mind

By: Advocate Brokerage

The day has arrived when your teen offspring can legally begin to drive. It can be a dreaded day for any parent. One critical initiative you can take to give yourself some peace of mind is to make sure that your teen is protected with the appropriate insurance coverage.

Statistically, automobile accidents remain the number one cause of death among teenage drivers. While teens are required by law to obtain the proper driving education and pass specific driving exams, those requirements will not make your child, or any other on the road, a cautious, experienced driver.

The importance of having the proper insurance coverage for your family cannot be over-emphasized. Nor do you need to drain your bank account to do so. You can easily get relatively inexpensive coverage, and we at Advocate Brokerage are ready to help.

Insuring your teen driver can be simple and affordable. There are many ways to cut back on insurance costs without lowering coverage. Your teen can participate in driver-safety programs, maintain excellent grades in school, and drive a safe car. All will help to adjust your policy costs.

Most importantly, always remember to establish and maintain a level of trust between you and your teen. Be sure to create rules of the road that you both agree upon. Mutual understanding can, and will, lessen the risk of your teen disobeying the law.

Here are some rules of the road to get your teen to adopt:

  • I will obey any curfews or restrictions imposed by my driver’s license.
  • I will make certain I can always hear emergency vehicles and traffic sounds.
  • I will drive in a manner that respects the safety of myself, my passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians.

Contact us to learn how to protect your family at an affordable price. When you are ready to get a precise quote, you should have the following information ready:

  • Personal information (i.e. name, address, birth date, SSN, and a valid driver’s license)
  • Vehicle Information (i.e. payments, vehicle identification number, and the year, make, and model of the vehicle)

Post written by DGI.

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