Tips to Better Protect You and Your Car

By: Advocate Brokerage


At Advocate Brokerage, we are dedicated to protecting our clients and their possessions.

Here is a simple list of tips that every vehicle owner should follow in order to prevent a car from being stolen or burglarized.

Remember that the goal of any car insurance is to  help better protect you, your personal belongings, your private information and the vehicle itself.

  • Never leave your keys in your vehicle or leave your car running while you run into a store for a brief errand or use an ATM. Leaving the key in the ignition makes your car and easy target for a thief.
  • Don’t leave your registration in the glove compartment.
  • When parking away from your home, if possible, use lots or garages that have security and/or parking lot attendants. If the lot isn’t monitored, don’t park in the farthest corner, but rather near the entrance to ensure that the most foot traffic (and potential witnesses) will be passing by. Protect your vehicle by paying for a monitored parking lot instead of using the free parking on the less-trafficked side streets.
  • Have and use an up-to-date alarm system. Due to the prevalence of car alarms, many people tune out and don’t react when an alarm system is triggered. To overcome this, have a system installed that will send a message to your computer or mobile phone when tripped. Some of these systems also include an immobilizer that will prevent a thief from starting your vehicle.
  • Have a professional install an immobilizer or “kill switch” in your car that will prevent a thief from getting your car started. Make sure the switch is well-hidden to prevent a potential car thief from finding it.
  • It is common for thieves to break into a vehicle to steal stereo systems, mobile phones, on-dash GPS devices or any other valuable items that are left in the car. Make sure to take all valuables with you, including the “faceplate” from your car stereo if it’s removable.
  • Don’t put stickers on the outside of your car that “advertise” what kind of alarm system or aftermarket electronics the vehicle may contain. These only give a give the thief information about how to break into the car or what is likely to be found inside. Avoid stickers for performance parts, audio accessories, remote start and alarm systems or major electronics companies (i.e. Apple, Sony or Samsung).
  • Roll down your window and drop your business card down into the door to give an additional method of identifying the vehicle as yours, even if someone destroys the VIN stamps around your vehicle.
  • Do not leave any personal information in the vehicle that a thief could use to steal your identity. And no checkbook in the glove compartment!
  • Don’t leave a spare key “hidden” inside or under your vehicle in a magnetic box, this just gives a potential thief an easy way to start and drive away with your car. Car thieves are not stupid and they know where all of these “hiding spots” are located.
  • If your car should be stolen, assume that the thief now knows where you live and has your garage door opener.  Change the code and your home’s door locks for added security.

At Advocate Brokerage, we know how important it is to have car insurance that protects you if your vehicle is damaged in an accident or stolen.  We work with our insurance partners to have claims reviewed immediately so that you can be back on the road again.

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