Traveling Over Thanksgiving? How to Protect Your Home While You Are Away

By: Advocate Brokerage

Are you trekking over the river and through the woods this  Thanksgiving?  To ensure that a great holiday weekend doesn’t go badly, a little preparation at home will help you avoid facing a holiday downer – and an insurance claim – when you return.

          Don’t advertise that you will be away – Resist the urge to post your vacation plans on Facebook or send out tweets about how much you are looking forward to your trip.  Sure, you want everybody to know how about your great holiday, but thieves monitor social media to find out if a home will be vacant. Make sure that your spouse and children follow this guideline as well.

          Invest in a timer for your lights – A dark home is an open invitation to a burglar. Arrange to have lights go on in your home every evening with a timer and you’ll be protecting the house while you’re gone. 

          Invest in Exterior Motion Lighting – This inexpensive lighting will stop burglars in their tracks.  Perimeter lighting that is motion activated is one of the best deterrents and can be easily installed.

          An alarm system – Often just a sign on your front door saying that your home is alarmed is a deterrent to a burglar.  But an up-to-date, monitored alarm system protects you and your family when you travel or are at work.

          Use deadbolts on doors and windows – Do away with flimsy locks and install deadbolts on all doors and downstairs windows. This is age-old advice that still works well.

          Have a neighbor collect your packages and mail – Contact the newspaper and suspend delivery while you are away. Ask a neighbor to collect your mail and look after your home.  Make sure your neighbor has your contact information so he can be in touch if anything happens while you are away.

          Shut down all appliances – Don’t leave the dishwasher or dryer running when you leave from your holiday. You don’t want to return to a flooded kitchen floor – or worse, a fire caused by lint in your dryer.

          Keep the heat on – while you will be tempted to conserve heat while you are away, make sure that the heat is on to protect your home from frozen pipes if there is a severe cold snap while you are away.

Remember, you can’t plan for everything, but you can take the best precautions.  One of these is to review all your insurance policies with your agent before the holidays. At Advocate Brokerage, we’re happy to help give our clients the peace of mind that you family and your home are well protected.

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