Your World, Protected – making the process of buying insurance a more positive experience

We obsess over your insurance, to provide you with comprehensive coverage. We do so by… Taking the time to get to know you Using the knowledge we gain to identify specific exposures to risk Coming up with a comprehensive insurance plan And finally… Educating each of our clients on their risks and discussing how our ..

Whitepaper on Wealth at Risk: How High Net Worth Families Overpay to Be Underinsured

Independent insurance agents and brokers frequently find that families with substantial assets who insure their homes, autos, watercraft, and valuable collections with mass  market, heavily advertised carriers overpay for protection that still leaves them exposed to severe financial loss. What are the specific risks, and why are these high net worth (HNW) families paying more than necessary? To find ..

Male Drivers and Car Insurance

A study released last week shows that male drivers in the state of Texas pay more than women for their auto insurance two-thirds of the time, and the average premium is 14 percent higher for men. The story accompanying the survey called it “a nationwide trend of insurers charging higher prices to men because of ..

Technology has been making waves in the auto industry with the integration of customer smartphones, touchscreen driver interfaces and Internet radio streaming. Safety is also increasing with new technology. Auto manufacturers are implementing active braking and cruise control systems that can slow or stop a vehicle safely if an accident is imminent, even on the ..

Previously, we posted about how to prepare a classic car that has been garaged for the winter months. Since not everyone owns a classic or collector car, we want to give a few tips on preparing any vehicle to help keep it running smooth this summer. Advocate Brokerage does not just protect your vehicle with ..