Your World, Protected – making the process of buying insurance a more positive experience

We obsess over your insurance, to provide you with comprehensive coverage. We do so by… Taking the time to get to know you Using the knowledge we gain to identify specific exposures to risk Coming up with a comprehensive insurance plan And finally… Educating each of our clients on their risks and discussing how our ..

Becoming an Airbnb host, a great idea or a great risk?

There are approximately 620 people in Westchester County making supplemental income hosting guests in their homes through Airbnb.  According to the head of northeast public Policy for Airbnb, in 2018 total Westchester County Airbnb host income was $6.6 million, with the average host earning $7100!  Future forecasts look even brighter, as the Hudson Valley is ..

When Pipes Freeze… how to protect your home from water damage.

When the weather is as cold as it has been over the last week, your home faces the very real danger of a burst pipe.  The #1 homeowner claim we see is the result of property damage due to a burst pipe.  Water is your home’s worst enemy and we want to help you prevent ..

Male Drivers and Car Insurance

A study released last week shows that male drivers in the state of Texas pay more than women for their auto insurance two-thirds of the time, and the average premium is 14 percent higher for men. The story accompanying the survey called it “a nationwide trend of insurers charging higher prices to men because of ..

A strong nor’easter may bring heavy snow, hazardous driving conditions and moderate coastal flooding to tri-state Friday and Saturday, according to forecasters. A winter storm watch is in effect from Friday afternoon through Saturday morning for much of our area according to the National Weather Service. Five to 10 inches of snow is possible in ..

Did you know that December is the most popular month for purchasing engagement rings? Maybe it’s because they can also serve as holiday presents? Whatever the case, keeps a wealth of statistics about weddings including the cost of different wedding-related items and the average amount spent on those items in the United States. The ..