Understanding Your Insurance Is Important.  Education Is Key – what you need to know about being underinsured.

By Denise Koslowsky When I talk about insurance, which is quite often, sooner or later the conversation will come back to what I currently consider a crisis – the many homeowners who are underinsured. It is an easy topic to understand when you are speaking in regards to the homes devastated by wildfires in California ..

Your World, Protected.  Making sure your insurance is ready for 2019.

No one really likes to think about insurance.  Insurance is a necessity that you take care of and don’t give a second thought until some type of unexpected disaster occurs.  Unfortunately, waiting to update your insurance broker could leave your insurance lacking when you need it most. Keep in mind, the more your insurance agent ..

What’s Better Than A Bottle of Wine?  – Insurance Tips for Wine Enthusiasts

If you’re a wine enthusiast who has been building a collection, we have an important question for you… Is your collection insured? According to Joseph V. Micallef, a writer for Food & Wine Magazine and contributor to Forbes, “On average, the value of the wine cellars of self-described wine connoisseurs is between $50,000 and $100,000. ..

Preparing for the possibility of heavy rains and flood – from Hurricane Jose

On Friday we hinted that Hurricane Jose could become a storm to worry about, well so far it has remained offshore but it is still a storm to keep an eye on.  While it may not make landfall, the storm could produce heavy rains and the coastal flooding and the tropical storm-force winds that often ..

Parent’s of Children 18 and older – Have you completed a health care proxy yet?  Understand the risks.

In June we wrote a blog that is important for all parents with teens who are approaching 18 or have already turned 18.  The blog was written specifically with parents of graduating seniors in mind but it is so important we felt we should address it once again.  If you are the parent of a ..

Meet Lynn Palma: Thirteen Years with Advocate Brokerage

 Lynn Palma’s job as an Account Manager with Advocate Brokerage ensures that her days are always full – phones constantly ringing, office bustling, people rushing about, hours flying by – but she enjoys it. Her responsibilities include everything from answering billing questions to overseeing policy changes, and the variety of the work is exciting. “It ..