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We obsess over your insurance, to provide you with comprehensive coverage. We do so by… Taking the time to get to know you Using the knowledge we gain to identify specific exposures to risk Coming up with a comprehensive insurance plan And finally… Educating each of our clients on their risks and discussing how our ..

The American “road trip” is a thing of tradition and legend. It has inspired countless films, stories and even poetry. Whether it’s returning home from school or taking a vacation with friends or family, road trips can be great fun, no matter what your destination. At Advocate Brokerage, we want to help make your next ..

Service, preparedness, bravery, safety, honor, dedication, teamwork, competency, fiscal prudence. These are the core values of the men and women who protect and serve our community at the Scarsdale Fire Department. Advocate Brokerage and our team actively support the courage, hard work, and dedication of these admirable volunteers who so selflessly respond to the needs ..

Computers and the Internet are arguably two of the most important technical #innovations in human history, enabling information, ideas, and #media to be transmitted and shared across the globe instantaneously. In this new environment, today’s parents are more vigilant than ever, fighting to protect their children as those offspring venture online. Increasing control and reducing ..

There are many organizations dedicated to helping improve the quality of life worldwide. We, Advocate Brokerage, would like to take the time now to inform you about what nonprofit organizations, or NPOs as they are sometimes called, are and how they function because we actively support many nonprofit organizations while also protecting them from losses ..