Your World, Protected – making the process of buying insurance a more positive experience

We obsess over your insurance, to provide you with comprehensive coverage. We do so by… Taking the time to get to know you Using the knowledge we gain to identify specific exposures to risk Coming up with a comprehensive insurance plan And finally… Educating each of our clients on their risks and discussing how our ..

Becoming an Airbnb host, a great idea or a great risk?

There are approximately 620 people in Westchester County making supplemental income hosting guests in their homes through Airbnb.  According to the head of northeast public Policy for Airbnb, in 2018 total Westchester County Airbnb host income was $6.6 million, with the average host earning $7100!  Future forecasts look even brighter, as the Hudson Valley is ..

Is It Time….for an Insurance Review?

Another year is coming to an end and as your thoughts shift toward celebrating the holidays, winding down the year and making plans for 2018 to be a year filled with success, we wanted to share this… The more your insurance agent knows about their clients, the better they can serve you. At Advocate Brokerage ..

With warmer weather and clean roads, it is time to begin the process of readying classic and exotic cars for a summer of cruising, car shows, and/or daily driving. Many of these cars have been tucked away in a garage all winter, under cover, to wait for better days. The weather and accident risk associated ..

Natural disasters are, by definition, any event or force of nature that has catastrophic consequences – an avalanche, earthquake, flood, forest fire, hurricane, lightning, tornado, tsunami, and volcanic eruption. These unexpected, but destructive events are dangerous and normally leave an expensive trail of devastation in their wake. Because Advocate Brokerage has been working with victims of such disaster for over 42 years, we would like to share some valuable information about increasing ..

Scores of urban youth will leave New York City this summer to experience two uplifting weeks at Steve’s Camp at Horizon Farms in Livingston Manor, beneficiaries of a successful Sunday fundraiser at the home of Ron and Rosalyn Binday, owners of Advocate Brokerage Corp., along with son Glenn Binday and daughter Denise Koslowsky. “We are ..