The Big Day in a Land Far Away… Insurance for Destination Weddings

By: Advocate Brokerage

Destination Wedding Insurance

The location is booked, plane tickets bought, reservations secured, and now you are just waiting for your big day!  The destination wedding of your dreams is just around the corner.

“There is no way I could cancel it now.”

Guess what.  It happens.

A destination wedding is significantly more complex than a traditional wedding. Dealing with vendors and travel accommodations (possibly in a foreign country), on top of the normal stress, puts added value on knowing that if things don’t go as planned, you have a safety net.

Is a standard wedding insurance policy enough?

In a recent blog we talked about the importance of wedding insurance for a traditional wedding.  For destination weddings however, combining a wedding insurance policy with a travel policy can be the best solution to protecting your investment.

According to the wedding experts at, wedding insurance policies cover:

Natural disasters:

Not only should you protect against the possibility that your venue could be destroyed in a hurricane or a fire – forcing you to reschedule the wedding – but a huge storm closer to home could prevent you or the majority of your guests from getting to the destination (even if the destination wasn’t affected). In either case, you’ll need coverage so that your expenses will be reimbursed.

Vendors who let you down:

Insurance can reimburse you if a vendor fails to show up and you have to make other arrangements. For example, the bus slated to take people from the ceremony to the reception never materializes and you have to charter a fleet of taxis for three times the price.

Loss of or damage to wedding essentials:

If the bridal gown or any other key items have to be replaced at the last minute, insurance can cover the cost.

Personal liability:

This covers any expenses you might be responsible for if somebody is injured at your wedding, or property at the wedding site is accidentally damaged. Be sure to check to see if your venue is insured against such possibilities (most large or reputable resorts will be). In that case, you probably don’t need extra liability insurance.

When does travel insurance become important?

With destination weddings the normal uncertainties that are part of traveling now become more of a stressor.  If the bride’s dress is being flown or shipped to a location, a lost or damaged bag can be catastrophic!  Travel insurance not only protects you from unforeseen circumstances, but it also offers protection from two important considerations that a wedding policy may not.

Medical Issues:

A travel insurance policy with medical coverage can be important because some insurance policies do not cover international travel, and even domestic travel may be considered “out-of-network”.   If your wedding weekend itinerary includes any adventurous activities such as sailing, horseback riding or mountain biking, we strongly recommend reading the policies to ensure these activities are not excluded!

Delays, cancellations or interruptions in transportation:

In 2013, 18% percent of flights were delayed (statistics as per the U.S. Department of Transportation) and 27,823 flights were cancelled.  If air travel is part of your destination wedding plan, you can see that there is a significant possibility of disruptions to your plans. Airlines do not guarantee arrival times and are not required to compensate you for expenses incurred by travel delays and cancellations. Travel insurance can help prevent a delay or interruption from ruining your big day.

So if you are planning (or have already planned) your destination wedding, take the time and contact us at Advocate Brokerage and we will help tailor a policy to fit your unique event, protecting you and your investment on your big day.

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