Steve’s Camp at Horizon Farms

By: Advocate Brokerage

Imagine not knowing the night sky, or never enjoying a hiking trail, or appreciating that the food you eat is the result of someone’s hard work. Imagine growing up in the concrete confines of a city without the chance to see and understand nature and your place in it – without feeling like you belong.

Steven Kessner has been there. He grew up in a three-room apartment in the #Bronx. His father drove a cab. He didn’t know there was another world until one day a random passenger, a college recruiter, talked to his dad about scholarships to Dartmouth. Steve was accepted and his eyes opened to opportunities he never knew existed.

Today, Kessner, the successful real estate developer is working to open other children’s eyes, to make them aware of their own worth and help them achieve their dreams. Launched in 2010, Steve’s Camp at Horizon Farms is a #non-profit dedicated to providing a unique summer camp experience for underserved New York City youth. It gives 9th and 10th grade children facing poverty, gang violence and a dearth of support services the chance to spend two weeks on beautiful working farm in Livingston Manor, 100 miles northwest of the city.

Our very own executives at Advocate Brokerage work closely to support the efforts of Steve’s Camp. In April, Rosalyn and Ron Binday, owners of Advocate Brokerage, will be hosting a fundraiser at their home to support sponsoring students to attend Steve’s Camp. Ron Binday is a member of the camp’s board of directors and both he and Rosalyn are working to support Steve in the expansion of the camp. To help Advocate Brokerage support Steve’s Camp, please click here to donate.

Post written by DGI.

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