Watercraft Insurance

Fun in the sun is more enjoyable when it comes with peace of mind.
We personalize policies so that there are no gaps in coverage so you can relax and enjoy your time on the water.

Personal Watercraft

Jet Ski or Wave Runner
For many, it doesn’t get any better than skimming the waves on a jet ski or wave runner. However, many personal watercraft owners are unaware coverage for their favorite water toy is not provided by their home or auto policies. We can help you identify your exposures to risk such as liability if you share your vessel with friends or theft when your investment is stored.

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Power boats & Sailboats

Whether it’s an ocean voyage or a day at the lake spent water skiing, boat owners need to protect themselves from the perils associated with recreational boating. Given the recent instances of extreme weather and the inexperience of fellow operators, boat owners cannot be without adequate and comprehensive insurance coverage.

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Yacht Insurance

Yacht owners live an exciting life and protecting their lifestyle with an insurance policy that is strictly tailored to their individual needs is paramount. Besides protection for the vessel itself, some yacht policies are written with broad scope such as worldwide navigational limits.

In addition, many policies include useful services like crew background checks, security assessments, and travel warnings. As Westchester’s premier insurance agency, helping you identify your needs and finding the best combination of coverage and services is one of our many strengths.

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