Personal Umbrella

We live in a litigious society where lawsuits are commonplace.
Protecting your hard earned assets is critical. We can help you identify your
vulnerabilities and customize liability coverage that protects your successful lifestyle.

Personal Umbrella Policy

One of the most important components of your insurance portfolio is a personal umbrella policy. An umbrella policy provides additional coverage that kicks in when your primary policy limits or coverage caps have been met.  Successful individuals with significant assets generally have more risk factors such as secondary homes, pools, and boats.  If you spend a lot of time on social media or you have a teen driver, that is another vulnerability that could put you at risk.

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Directors & Officers

Donating your time to charitable and not-for-profit organizations is admirable. But what many are unaware of are the liabilities connected to being a member of the board. D&O coverage protects you when the organization’s coverage is exhausted or nonexistent. This type of personal umbrella policy protects you against poor management practices, discrimination, libel and slander and much more.

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Employment practices liability

For those who employ domestic staff, Employment Practices Liability Insurance protects employers from matters related to employment such as wrongful termination, sexual harassment and more.

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Excess Uninsured & Underinsured (UM)

Written in connection to an automobile policy and the primary under/uninsured motorist coverage, excess UM allows drivers and their passengers to collect under their own policy in the event of an auto accident where another party is at fault but unable to pay for bodily injury or property damage due to insufficient or nonexistent insurance coverage.

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Third Party Liability

Third Party Liability provides uninsured/underinsured liability coverage. It protects families in the event they suffer bodily injury or property loss at the hands of someone who has insufficient coverage or no insurance. This broad coverage is not limited to automobiles and includes other accidents such as swimming pool mishaps on a neighbor’s property.

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