Story of the Month: Carol Gramolini

By: Advocate Brokerage

Advocate Brokerage is a family-run insurance business with a stellar reputation in the Scarsdale, N.Y., community. But a reputation like Advocate’s doesn’t happen overnight. It takes dedication, hard work and a superb staff of people. Advocate’s employees have been a loyal group for many years – some for decades – which has allowed the firm to serve its customers with pride and consistency since it was founded 43 years ago.

Carol Gramolini

Carol Gramolini is the epitome of a dedicated employee. With more than 30 years at Advocate Brokerage, Carol now serves as Vice President of the corporation. Hired by founder Rosalyn Binday, Carol began her career with Advocate as an Associate in the Commercial Lines Arena. From there, she was soon promoted to Office Manager, expanding her responsibilities as an essential part of the Advocate team. Today, as both Vice President and Officer Manager, Carol is responsible for the larger Commercial Lines book of business at Advocate Brokerage.

Carol articulates her relationship with the Binday/Koslowsky family as not just that of colleagues and professionals, but of family. Like them, she is proud of Advocate’s community involvement and the recognitions it has received as a customer-centric organization.

One of Carol’s fondest moments with the Agency, she said, was when she “attended an honorary benefit and was able to share in the pride of being part of the ceremonies when Advocate Brokerage Corp. was inducted in the Westchester Business Hall of Fame.”

Having an enthusiastic manager like Carol is what helps create and sustain a successful company. We at Advocate Brokerage are privileged to work with Carol, and look forward to many more years of her contributions to the firm.

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