Is Your Family’s Personal Information Safe?

By: Advocate Brokerage

Computers and the Internet are arguably two of the most important technical #innovations in human history, enabling information, ideas, and #media to be transmitted and shared across the globe instantaneously.

In this new environment, today’s parents are more vigilant than ever, fighting to protect their children as those offspring venture online. Increasing control and reducing the amount of permissible content, restricting cell phone plans, and even monitoring their children’s #socialmedia accounts are all steps parents are taking to ensure their child’s safety.

But is that enough?

The short answer is No! There are just to many different risks associated with being a part of a global information network. Now, Advocate Brokerage has joined with partners to provide a policy that will help further reduce risk and increase the safety and security of a family’s personal information.

Offered by Advocate Brokerage in conjunction with #Chubb #PersonalInsurance and Identity Theft 911, the policy shields our customers and their families against all forms of identity theft. #IdentityTheft911 is one of the nation’s premier providers of personal-touch identity management, identity theft recovery, and many other information management services and solutions.

Identity theft is not a new crime. However, with the rise of the Internet, such theft has increased significantly and has become harder to prevent. There have, in fact, been a number of high-profile examples of compromised person information in recent years including, most notably, the security breaches at TJX, Heartland, and Sony’s PlayStation Network. Millions of customers had their personal information stolen from servers for potential sale or use of the data to commit identity theft.

Not only has identity theft increased in scale, but the use of children’s personal information to commit #tax #fraud has become an increasingly troublesome issue. An article published by Identity Theft 911 earlier this month focuses on the trials of one such family that had to deal with the identity theft of it’s child. The story, which can be linked to here, shows that the best way to protect a family against this kind of pernicious theft is to take preventative measures against potential fraud. Understanding and controlling who has access to your personal information, combined with identity protection offered by Advocate Insurance, is an excellent way to safeguard a family’s valuable personal information.

Until Recently, parents had much less need to worry about their child’s personal information. But, today, identity theft protection has become an essential security measure that #AdvocateBrokerage highly recommends to all of our customers.

There are countless matters families, specifically parents, must focus on to ensure that their children have a safe and secure future. Let us grant you some peace of mind by contacting us about protecting your family against one such serious threat that is preventable – #IdentityTheft.

Post written by DGI.

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