Carol Gramolini

Vice President and Commercial Lines Manager, Carol Gramolini has been with Advocate Brokerage for over forty years, a fact that makes the New Rochelle resident proud. “I have watched the agency develop over the years and am very pleased with its achievements and success.”

It’s fitting, then, that part of why she enjoys her job so much is the variety of work. “I like the diversity of the accounts I manage. I like building trust and relationships with our clients on both a business and personal level.

Trust is a very important part of the agency-client relationship, and Carol believes that this is one reason why Advocate stands out—“We take the time to build personal relationships. Clients can really depend on us and have a comfort level that their interests are our interests”.  At Advocate, such commitment is par for the course.

And commitment isn’t Advocate’s only virtue—the agency is business-savvy as well. She recalls handling litigation between two multi-million dollar clothing giants, and how complex it was.  “It was one of the largest and most intricate claim we’ve ever been involved in,” remembers Carol, who handles Advocate’s largest book of business.

It just goes to show—whatever the case, whatever your story, Advocate will find a way to help.

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