Beware of fraudulent emails, why cyber security coverage is so important

By: Advocate Brokerage

We recently became aware of fraudulent correspondence in the form of an email from Advocate Brokerage with an auto insurance quote for Progressive Insurance. The email subject reads: Your Progressive auto quote from your local independent agent.

This email was very well done, and it is easy to see how someone could be fooled into thinking it came from Advocate Brokerage or Progressive Insurance. It includes the progressive logo, a quote, information on payment options as well as the address and phone number of Advocate Brokerage.

Remember that just because the email has an authentic-looking company logo at the top, it doesn’t mean the email is coming directly from the company. The internet makes it very easy to procure a legitimate logo and add it to the top of an email. Don’t be fooled. Additionally, the scammers are banking on the fact that most people will simply hit replay or click links and do what they are told in an effort to avoid picking up the phone and having a conversation.

The best rule of thumb? Don’t reply and don’t click the links!

Keep in mind that any insurance quotes we send out will come from an email address, not directly from the insurance company.

Two Important Tips To Help You Spot A Fraudulent Email:

  • Look at the FROM email address. When the from email is not the same as the domain name, you should be suspicious. In this case, the from email was: which is close, but the e is a dead giveaway. It is very easy to miss the e.
  • Fraudulent emails often want you to click a link to take you to their website. Instead of blindly clicking the link, if you hover your mouse over the link, the URL will show up on the lower left corner of the web browser. Look to see where clicking will take you. Is it taking you to the company’s website or some other site that is not legitimate?


Final Thoughts From Your Insurance Advocate:

Emails like this are a great reminder of the importance of cybersecurity coverage. Sometimes fraudulent emails are easy to spot, and others are well disguised and appear to be from a legitimate source. Additionally, cybercriminals are utilizing technology more effectively and getting more and more artful about their approach. Even the savviest consumers can be fooled. If you don’t have cyber coverage as part of your insurance portfolio, consider discussing it with us!

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