Important Hurricane Information For Business Owners

By: Denise Koslowsky


When the threat of a Hurricane is imminent, there tends to be an intense focus on protecting personal property, rightfully so.

However, business owners understand the need to protect their livelihood.  Losses that businesses incur during a hurricane can be crippling to a business.

With Hurricane Matthew heading toward the East Coast, we offer the following tips to help you be prepared as possible and can recover as quickly as possible.

What to do now:

  • Assign a specific person to monitor the storm and be aware of any evacuation warnings
  • Clearly communicate with your staff and let them know what your expectations are regarding business closings as well as responsibilities for shutting down and protecting the building and its contents
  • Gather the information you will need once the storm hits. A list that includes employee contact numbers, key vendor information, contractors and salvage services that may be required.

Should you need us, Advocate Brokerage is here for you.  Click here to gain easy access should you need to contact your insurance company and report a claim. 

  • Protect important documents by storing your most important ones in waterproof containers
  • Back up critical data
  • Prepare for possible flooding by moving any important items to higher elevations
  • Secure any outdoor property
  • Board up windows
  • Cover computers and other equipment near windows in plastic
  • Be sure emergency generators, fire pumps and company vehicles have full fuel tanks
  • Shut off any flammable or combustible gas lines as well as electrical power
  • If you have time, do a quick office inventory with a video camera in case of a loss

When the storm is over

  • If you see significant structural damage, do not attempt to enter the building
  • If you have suffered a loss, report it as soon as possible

Feel free to call us at 914-723-7100 or click here to report a claim directly to your  insurance carrier.  

  • If possible, have your policy number available
  • If you can safely do so, take photographs of the damage or provide a verbal description
  • Make a note of the claim adjuster’s name, telephone number
  • Prepare a list of damaged or lost items for your adjuster
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