It’s the end of 2016. Does your insurance agent know everything they need to know?

By: Denise Koslowsky


2016 has come to an end and as we shift our focus to planning for 2017 we had an important thought we wanted to share…

The more we know about our clients, the better we can do our job.

Advocate Brokerage has always taken pride in the relationships we have established with our customers.  However, let’s be realistic, life is busy.  Time moves swiftly and even the best agents don’t hear about every change in their client’s lives.

Events that occurred during the course of 2016 could have an effect on your insurance.  So, we want to know if…

There were any changes to the cars or drivers in your home
Obviously, if you purchased a new vehicle, got in an accident or added a driver to your policy, you have notified us and we have worked out the details.  There are other factors that can affect your automobile policy such as:

  • A teenager is coming of age and learning to drive for the first time.
  • Your new teen driver has a GPA of 3.0 or above.
  • A child is now driving their own vehicle and purchased their own insurance policy.
  • A child went away to college.
  • You sold an automobile to a family member.
  • Someone in your family took a defensive driving course.

You made any changes to your home (or homes)
Have you made any changes to your primary or secondary residence?  There are tons of factors that can have an affect on your homeowner’s insurance policy so even if the changes seem minor to you, it is never a bad idea to let us know what is going on.  Here is a list of questions to get you thinking:

  • Does someone in your home travel more frequently than before?
  • Did you add a security system to your home?
  • Do you belong to any new associations?
  • Has your property value increased or decreased dramatically?
  • Have you done any home renovations?
  • Did you purchase any new appliances for your home?
  • Did you add to your jewelry, art or wine collections?


Important tip from Advocate Brokerage:
If your 2017 plans include the purchase or renovation of a primary or secondary residence, get us involved in the planning stages.  We have a unique perspective on things you think would never happen ….and would love to share ideas that can help to protect your investment. 

Your business expanded, grew or changed in any way
We want to help our commercial customers understand their risks and do what we can to protect the business they have worked hard to build.  Please reach out to us if any of the following things have taken place in 2016:

  • You have had a significant increase in your income.
  • Your business has expanded.
  • You have done any physical renovations to your property.
  • You have purchased new equipment.
  • You have hired new employees.


The more we know about our clients, the better we can do our job.
Let the Insurance Specialists at Advocate Brokerage help you protect the things that matter most.  Keep us in the loop so we can better serve your insurance needs.

Finally, on behalf of our entire staff at Advocate Brokerage,
Happy New Year!

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