Your Business, Protected

By: Denise Koslowsky


Running a business is both extremely rewarding and challenging.  On one hand, you get to do work you love every day, on the other you need to ensure your business is protected from any risks that could do it harm.  As your insurance advocate we want to be sure our business clients know what types of insurance are important to keep their business, protected.

Business Owners Policy might be just the thing for a small or medium sized business.  It offers coverage for most commercial insurance risks, including property damage and general liability

Professional Liability Insurance is a must for businesses that provide services directly to their customers. A professional liability policy protects your business against claims of negligence such as: improperly offering services, making mistakes or failing to perform a service. Sometimes referred to as an Errors & Omissions Policy, Professional Liability insurance can help you cover the cost of damages associated with allegations due to your business’ errors or negligence.

Property Insurance is a must for any business whether you own or lease your place of business.  In the event of a fire or weather related catastrophe, the cost of replacing your assets such as equipment can cripple a company. Advocate will work with you so that your policy provides adequate coverage (including a replacement cost valuation) and will review the coverage limits regularly so that they are always up to date.

Workers Compensation is an important part of your business insurance portfolio if you operate a business that has employees. If an employee gets injured while at work, Workers Compensation offers replacement income and pays for medical expenses. It also ensures that the employee gives up their right to sue over a work-related injury, no matter who is found to be at fault.

Employment Practices Liability offers protection for lawsuits filed by current employees, former employees as well as potential candidates for employment.

Data Breach Liability, also known as Cyber Liability, is becoming more and more important in today’s digital age.  If your business handles any of your customer’s personal information, data breach liability insurance is a must.  Whether it is a customer paying with a credit card or maintaining a database that includes personal information for a loyalty club, there are many opportunities for a data breach to occur.

Business Automobile Insurance is obviously important for any business that has vehicles.  Advocate Brokerage would be happy to put together a package for you that include coverage for bodily injury, property damage, as well as physical damage to the vehicles themselves.

Obviously the business coverage mentioned above just scratches the surface of the types of insurance available to protect your business.  When you work with Advocate Brokerage, we will obsess until we have put together an insurance portfolio that fits your budget and covers all your bases.  We have both extensive experience and knowledge of a variety of industries and understand the unique risks associated with them. We would love the opportunity to review your current coverage and find out if there are potential gaps in the coverage you already have in place.  Please give us a call, for a no obligation review of your policies, the results may surprise you.

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