Car Theft Is On The Rise and affluent neighborhoods are facing a significant risk

By: Advocate Brokerage

While you may feel your neighborhood is a safe haven, if you leave your keys in the car, we encourage you to keep reading!

Theft of luxury automobiles are on the rise and this most recent crime wave seems to be targeting the most affluent neighborhoods. These thieves are not rifling through cars looking for valuables or breaking in to utilize the parts. Instead, they want to take the entire car and simply drive them away.


Easy Prey

These sly criminals have realized that in most expensive cars, the side mirrors turn in when you walk away with the keys. While this setting can be turned off, a luxury car that is sitting in the driveway with its mirrors out often does indicate – This car has keys inside! Pick Me!


How Does It Work?

Criminal organizations are sending kids to rich neighborhoods to look for then steal expensive cars to ship them off and sell in another country. They use teens because the laws are more lenient towards those underage. The kids they hire drive around nice neighborhoods to look for open side mirrors. It is a quick indicator that lets them know they can get in the car and drive away quickly. They also canvas areas where people commonly pull up and jump out of the car to pick up something such as a gas station, the drycleaner, the post office, coffee shops or pizza places. They wait a few feet away and as you jump out; they jump in and simply drive away.


We’ve All Done It

We are all guilty of stopping by the house to pick up something or running inside a store quickly without wanting to take the time to lock everything up. After all, you’re only going to be a minute. Either scenario gives the car thieves ample time to pull off their intended crime.


Tips From Your Insurance Advocate

Now that you know, you can take steps to protect your vehicle!

  • Make it a habit to lock up each time you exit the vehicle, even if it’s for only a moment.
  • If you can, park your car in your garage.
  • If you regularly park your car in your driveway at home, add a surveillance camera and motion lighting.

Share the news of this recent crime wave with your friends and family. It makes great dinner table or water cooler conversation. You can also share this blog on your own social media pages!


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