End of Summer Hurrah – Tips for those traveling with pets.

By: Denise Koslowsky


Summer is fading fast so it’s time to seek all the fun you can before it’s gone for good.  For many people that means a quick getaway to celebrate Labor Day. Well if your last minute travel plans include your furry friends, listen up…

American’s LOVE their pets (So does Advocate Brokerage!).  60% of US households have furry friends residing within their walls and of those pet lovers, as many as 80% travel with them. With them in mind, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help keep you and your beloved animal safe.

Valuable Tips for Traveling with Pets

  • Be sure any pet traveling with you has proper identification.  A collar with a tag or microchipping can be invaluable should you and your pet become separated.
  • Bring along your pet’s vaccination documents.  Especially if you are visiting a different state as the requirements could vary slightly.  It might be a good idea to store them in a plastic bag.
  • Be sure to pack a pet emergency kit that includes first aid supplies, a self-clinging bandage (that won’t stick to fur), a leash, nail clippers, towels, treats, bottled water & a bowl.
  • If you are traveling by car, take your pet out on a few short outings before you hit the road so they can get acclimated to the vehicle.
  • For their safety (and yours), don’t let pets ride in the front seat and consider restraining them with either a harness or crate.
  • No matter how much they love it, don’t let them ride with their head out of the window
  • Research where to stay.  More and more hotel chains offer pet-friendly accommodations, Marriott & Hilton both offer pet-friendly options as do several Airbnb’s.
  • Some automobile insurance policies offer coverage for pets that are injured or killed in a car crash. Chubb, for example, allows up to $2000 covering veterinary and boarding costs in the event of an accident.

If your last minute summer travel plans include a fluffy companion and you are wondering if your current policy extends any coverage for them, give us a call. We would be happy to review your policy and answer any questions you may have!  We Wish You & Your Furry Friend Safe Travels!

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