A Tribute to All The Moms

By: Denise Koslowsky

I wanted to share some quick words of appreciation to all the moms.

Motherhood is often as rewarding as it is challenging.
Weighing the overwhelming love you feel for your child, which fills you with the desire to give them everything they want…

Against the knowledge that life can be difficult so there are certain lessons they need to learn with a hefty dose of tough love.

Those two factors alone are challenging on a day to day basis but it seems that these days, there is more and more responsibility heaped onto our shoulders.

Many moms, me included, are working moms and have to add the weight of building a successful career on top of our obligations to our family.  As if these were not enough to balance, during this Covid-19 crisis many of us have had to step into the role of teacher, housekeeper, and chef.  We are now juggling our child’s academics with all the responsibilities already on our full plates.

We are not only caretakers to our children, but we are caretakers to our parents who can no longer ignore their age, as the number alone makes them vulnerable.

You know what?  We are doing it!  We are rising to the challenges in front of us.
You know why?  We’re Mothers and that’s what we do!

This challenge has made us more resilient! There is nothing we can’t handle.

So here’s to us!

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