Supporting Scarsdale’s Small Businesses

By: Denise Koslowsky

There is no doubt, small businesses across the country are hurting and our beloved ‘Dale is no exception.  We know the heart of our community is to support one another so we wanted to provide some ideas you can try to support Scarsdale Small Businesses and help them during this difficult time!

A trending hashtag on social media these days is #TakeoutTuesday.  You can support your local businesses by ordering takeout each and every Tuesday!  If you love social media, consider creating a post of your own or sharing one that shows up on your feed to remind your neighbors to order takeout from your favorite local eatery.

Some Advocate favorites that are currently offering takeout include:

  • The 808 Bistro
  • The Westchester Burger Co.
  • CHAT American Grill
  • Buon Amici Deli

Purchase Gift Cards
As soon as this is all over I’m going to head to _______________.
The small business name you used to fill in the blank is the place you should reach out to and purchase a gift card.  Your favorite Nail Salon, Hair Stylist, Day Spa, Fitness Center, or local eatery are all likely selling gift cards to help get them through this difficult time.  Pick up the phone or purchase a gift card online and show your support!

We are so proud of our friends at Chubb who have pledged to purchase $1 million in gift cards from small businesses and donate them to first responders on the front line. 

Take Advantage Of Online Shopping Or Virtual Appointments
Some businesses are getting creative to stay connected with their customers.  Local clothing boutiques are offering some retail therapy in the form of online shopping parties.  Stores are stepping up their online shopping presence.  Service based businesses such as personal trainers and therapists are offering virtual appointments.  Explore the possibilities online and then show them some virtual love!

Write A Review
Are you missing some of the wonderful local businesses in our community?  If that question made a few local shops pop into your head, consider taking the time to leave them a review.  Visit their Facebook page, Their Google My Business Page or Yelp and sing their praises!

Donate Your Services
If you are an attorney, accountant or business development consultant, consider offering your services to a local business that is struggling free of charge.  Not only will you feel better for having donated your time, when all of this is over, the businesses you support will remember and you will find yourself a loyal customer for life!

We’re all in this together.  Taking the time to support each other when times are hard is important for our community.  If you live in the Scarsdale area and you are a small business owner who has not yet explored the Scarsdale Business Alliance we would encourage you to take advantage of the FREE PROVISIONAL MEMBERSHIP they are currently offering.  You can find out more details here: SBA Member Application

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