Winter Is On Its Way! Advocate’s Top Tips To Prepare Your Home And Automobile For The Season Ahead.

By: Advocate Brokerage


While the first official first day of winter won’t be here until December 21st, we think it’s wise to take action now to do what you can to prepare for the season ahead. We’ve prepared a checklist of top tips to help you prepare and protect your home and cars from the potential damage that can occur during the winter season.

Prepare Your Home For Winter By:

  • Attending to your home’s walkways and entrances. Make sure that they are lit adequately and any loose stones or stairs or banisters are repaired.
  • Do what you can to insulate your home (which is important for the prevention of ice dams). Take a look at your attic and check the weather stripping around your windows and doors.
  • Give your fireplace some attention. Check to be sure there are no cracks or an excess buildup of soot and if you have not already done so, have your chimney inspected and cleaned.
  • Since most of the leaves have fallen, it’s a great time to be sure your gutters are clear of debris and all water is flowing away from your home.
  • Prune any dead or damaged branches that could cause harm to your home or power lines.
  • Take care to prevent water damage. Turn off exterior faucets, drain and store hoses, make sure all the adults in the home know how to shut off the main water valve in the event of a burst pipe or leak.
  • Test your sump pump to be sure it is working properly and if you have not already had a generator installed, take some time to give it some consideration.
  • Install a whole house water leak detection system so that in the event of a leak, you will be notified right away, and the water can be stopped before the damage is too great.

 Get your car ready for the winter season.

  • Replace your automobile’s wiper blades, have all your fluids changed and / or topped off and take a look at your tires.
  • Make sure you have emergency supplies stored in your car including: an ice scraper, emergency flairs, an extra blanket
  • Get ready for snow and icy weather by gathering and testing your snow blower, shovels and ice melt, salt, or sand.


It is also the perfect time to get in touch with the company that plows your driveway to ensure you have clearly communicated your expectations regarding snow weather conditions.

We hope the season ahead is as worry free as can be! We do our best to educate each client we serve and hope that you have found our winter check list helpful!

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