Stay Safe! How to clean up safely after Hurricane Ida. Tips from the CDC!

By: Advocate Brokerage

flood cleaning tips

So many of our Advocate Brokerage friends and family have suffered extensive damage from the wrath of Tropical Storm Ida. We’ve seen an incredible number of basements and main floors covered in water from this storm. We wanted to provide a resource to help those of you who are looking to do a bit of clean up in the aftermath of the storm. The following information has been gathered from the Westchester County government and the CDC.

In order to prevent the growth of mold, after a storm you will want to make sure you:

  • Open windows and doors to air out your home and prevent the growth of mold. Use fans in areas that are especially wet and be sure to position them to blow the air outside.
  • Throw away items that cannot be cleaned or dried quickly such as mattresses, carpeting, carpet padding, rugs, upholstered furniture, pillows, stuffed animals, books and other paper products.
  • Any drywall or insulation that has been contaminated with flood waters or sewage should be carefully removed and discarded.
  • Make sure you thoroughly clean all surfaces with hot water and laundry (or dish) detergent. That includes flooring, concrete, molding, furniture, countertops, appliances, and sinks.
  • Fix any leaks as soon as you can.

If you find mold, you will want to clean it as soon and as safely as possible. Follow the following guidelines:

  • Use a mixture of 1 cup bleach and 1 gallon of water to clean any mold you find.
  • Make sure you open windows when cleaning with bleach. It is not safe for use in a cold space.
  • Take steps to protect yourself, wear goggles, an N-95 respirator, and protective gloves.

For more information on mold clean up issues, cleaning up after a storm and when it is safe to go back home, head to the CDC Website and the following links:.

Our hearts go out to all those who have been affected by this terrible storm. We are here, for as long as it takes to help any of our Advocate Brokerage family and friends who suffered damage.

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