50 Years of Success!

By: Denise Koslowsky

Some 50 years ago Rosalyn Binday, then a young mother of three did the unheard of, she got her insurance license and began selling insurance to everyone she knew.  As she puts it, she visited the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker.

At the time Roz recalls thinking that although everyone needed insurance, no one enjoyed the process of buying insurance so she set out to change that.  She made the decision then to sit down with people and talk so that she could truly understand what their needs were and then to find out as much as she could about the products available to help them protect their assets.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Her husband Ronald Binday retired from a successful career in the insurance field and joined her in the business followed by her son Glenn Binday and her daughter Denise Koslowsky and, finally, their son-in-law Jeffrey Koslowsky.  Over the years Advocate Brokerage has grown from a mom and pop local insurance firm into a thriving business that has become Scarsdale’s Premier Insurance Agency.

50 years of success is an amazing achievement for any business and it could not have been accomplished without an amazing team.  Roz recently shared some sentiments about her staff saying, “Our incredible and conscientious staff without whom our success would not have been possible have taken this journey with us, many for 10 years, 15 years and some much longer.  We refer to them as our Advocate family because they truly are.”

We wanted to acknowledge a few of our Advocate family with a heartfelt thank you for serving our clients so faithfully through the years:

A Very Special Thank You To:
Carol Gramolini             for 38 years of service
Anita De Fabio Smith     for 22 years of service
Lynn Palma                    for 19 years of service

There are several staff members that couldn’t seem to get enough of life at Advocate and came back to work with us after a few years absence.

Thank You:
Toniann Bonvino           for 30 total years of service
Margaret Dodge              for 17 total years of service
June Hodapp                 for 15 total years of service

We would also like to acknowledge:
Vera Aufieri                    for 14 years of service
Dee Deluise                    for 13 years of service
Juanita Dobbs               for 11 years of service
Lynn Foster                    for 11 years of service
Angie Reyes                    for 11 years of service
Victoria Troccoli             for 10 years of service

To commemorate this amazing achievement, Advocate will be throwing a fabulous party this week at the Brae Burn Country Club.  It will be an evening to reflect on past accomplishments, to look ahead to the future of the firm and to celebrate together!

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