Accidents Happen, We’re Here To Help

By: Denise Koslowsky

In life, stressful events happen…


A storm causes a large tree down in your front yard.

When backing up you hit a telephone pole.

You lose power and all the food in your refrigerator is spoiled.

The car in front of you stops short and you can’t avoid tapping his bumper.


When accidents happen, most of the time your instinct is to report the claim to your insurance company as quickly as possible. When it comes to filing a claim, we’ve done our best to make your stressful situation as easy as possible. All of our carriers offer amazing claims support and allow you to report the claim to them directly.  Our website provides detailed information for each of our carriers so that you can reach out to them as easily as possible.


However, we would like you to keep in mind that when accidents happen, we are here for you.  While it is important to file a claim in a timely manner, we want you to know that there is always time to take a very deep breath, access the damage and pick up the phone and give us a call.  We would love to talk to you to explore whether filing a claim is in your best interest.


Your initial response will most likely be: I have insurance that I pay for, why would I pay for a claim out of pocket?

Our job is to help make sure you are indemnified for financially devastating events, so please use us as a resource.


Is Every Claim Worth Filing?

No matter the situation, if your damage is minimal you may want to think twice before filing a claim.  You never know what the future might hold and you don’t want to be put in the position of facing an increase in insurance rates or possible non-renewal of your policy for a small claim.


A general rule of thumb with all insurance companies is three strikes and you are out (within a 5 year experience period).  So even if the accidents are not your fault, a high number of claims will red flag accounts with carriers.  If you put in each and every fender bender, your insurance rates could skyrocket and we will be scrambling to find a quality replacement for you.  So if you are in doubt, please give us a call.  We are here, and we want to help!


Educating Each Client We Serve has always been a priority for all of us at Advocate Brokerage.  For 50 years we have done our best to help our clients make educated decisions regarding their insurance.  That includes taking the time to help clients before as well as during the claims process.



** Insurance is subject to the terms and conditions on your policy contract **

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