Advocate – Scarsdale’s Premier Insurance Agency – A Cut Above

By: Denise Koslowsky

As we move closer to our 50th Anniversary, it is natural to reflect on where we have been, what has lead to our success and where we are going in the future.

We were founded on the idea that the process of buying insurance should be a positive one.  That has never changed. We believe that paired with our, efforts to get to know and understand each client has greatly contributed to our success.  Then of course comes educating each client we serve, helping them see their risks and presenting their options for protection. This has always been important because we know that if you understand the details of your insurance and how your portfolio will protect you, you’ll feel more confident in your coverage.

As we look to the future, we see our business maintaining that focus on service and taking it a step closer toward a concierge service.

The word concierge is defined as a caretaker.  They are a person (or company) who specializes in personal assistance.  In a hotel setting, a concierge is a person whose job it is to assess the guests’ needs and then go above and beyond to make sure those needs are met.  Making not only recommendations for the best martini or steak in town but going the extra mile and getting the best table at the best restaurant reserved.

That is what we want to do for our clients.  We want to make recommendations for the best coverage you can get to protect your home, your family and your assets.

Just as a hotel might have a stash of umbrellas to offer to their guests on a rainy day, we want to be thinking ahead to the things you can put in place to protect your home from damage and offering words of advice.

That could mean offering information about Whole House Water Flow Alarms and pointing you in the direction of companies we work with and trust to help you get them installed in your home.

When we look to the future, where we are going is above.  We are already a cut above your standard insurance agency, now we want to be your adviser, your educator and your friend.

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