The Rainy Season Can Bring Flooding: It makes sense to be prepared!

By: Denise Koslowsky

April showers bring… well, rain. April and May are our rainiest months and that kind of weather usually turns our thoughts to flooding and the damaging affects all that excess water can mean for our clients.

Just a few inches of water can add up to 10’s of 1000’s of dollars in damage.

Many people push flooding concerns out of their head because of a false belief that flooding only occurs only in coastal areas. The truth is that floods can happen anywhere. In fact, each of the 50 states has reported damaging from flooding. So no matter where you live, you need to think about floods.

Weather patterns are changing and this unpredictability has left many people who never thought they would ever need flood insurance without coverage.

The increase of construction and development has changed the natural drainage. Parking lots, buildings and new roads all add up to less water absorption, which means the water is backing up and flowing into places (and sometimes homes) it had not gone before.

All homeowners need to be aware that although some homeowner policies offer limited coverage for water damage, it does not offer protection from flooding. (For example you may be covered for water damage due to a sump pump failure or a burst pipe.) Flooding is typically a standard exclusion on all home insurance policies.

How Advocate Can Help

With these thoughts in mind, it makes sense to talk to your favorite insurance advisor to take steps to be sure your home is well protected from the risk of flood damage.

We can help you understand how your property is designated and gain a better understanding of the constant fluctuations in regulations and flood maps. With that knowledge, we can discuss your options for coverage including policies from a handful of high end carriers that offer their own specialized flood products for existing insurance clients at very favorable prices.

A Final Piece of Advice from Advocate

Don’t wait, as we begin heading toward summer, hurricane season is waiting for us on the horizon. If you don’t already have coverage in place, be proactive to be sure you have coverage suited to your particular needs. June 1st marks the official start of Hurricane Season, which runs through the end of November. Advocate Brokerage wants you to Be Prepared! Keep in mind that the Federal flood policy has a 30-day waiting period; you can’t wait until you hear about a storm heading your way to put coverage in place. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call.

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