Important Information for those Removing a Car from their Insurance

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In an effort to continue to educate each client we serve, we thought it was important to remind everyone about the rules in NY State when it comes to adding or removing a car from your insurance.


Removing a Car from your Policy
It is important to remember that in NY State you cannot remove a car from your policy without first surrendering the license plates to the Department of Motor Vehicle. If you take the car off your insurance policy without first surrendering the plates, the DMV will suspend your driver’s license and you will be fined for having a lapse in insurance coverage.


An important note: If you buy a new car and are going to be using the same plates, this does not apply.


After an Accident
If you have been in an accident and the vehicle is declared a total loss, you must remember to remove the plates from the vehicle. You will surrender the title to the insurance company and send the plates to the DMV.


How to surrender your license plates:

  • You can take care of this in person by heading to your local DMV.
  • If you want to do this by mail:
    • Remove the plates and be sure to take them out of the frames before mailing. The DMV will not take them if they have frames attached.
    • Destroy the registration and inspection stickers from your windshield.
    • Fill out the Plate Surrender Application found here: (
    • Mail your application and the plates here:

6 Empire State Plaza
Room B240
Albany, NY 12228



Please visit New York State DMV’s website for additional information.


The rules we listed above only apply to NY so if you live in another state you’ll want to head to the DMV website in your state.


If you have questions or need help, please get in touch with us. Additionally, if you are thinking about making a change to your auto insurance, give us a call at 914-723-7100. There is no obligation or cost for an automobile insurance review from Advocate Brokerage, and the results may surprise you.

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