Preparing for Irma – Keeping Your Vehicle Protected During a Hurricane

By: Denise Koslowsky

Hurricane Auto picture


We’ve all seen the images of vehicles submerged, reminders of the devastation Hurricane Harvey left behind.  For those of us who find ourselves in the path of Hurricane Irma, we’d like to offer some preventative tips should you have to evacuate and leave your car behind.

What to do now, before the storm hits:

  • Fill your gas tank TODAY! Gas shortages are being reported so fill up now so that if an evacuation order is made, you are prepared.
  • Pack your car with items recommended in our Hurricane Evacuation Kit. Even if you are not evacuated, it is better to be prepared.
  • Put your important documents (such as proof of auto insurance and registration) in a waterproof container.
  • Move your car to higher ground. If your home is located in a potential flood zone, you will want to be sure you move your vehicle to prevent damage. Consider parking it in a storage facility that is not located in a flood zone.
  • Park your car in the garage. It will offer some protection from flying objects during high winds. Place blankets or area rugs over your car and remove any hanging objects that could be knocked loose during the storm.  It is also a good idea to park against the door to prevent it from buckling onto your car and crushing it.
  • If you have no garage park your car as close to your house as you can to protect at least one side from damage due to flying objects.
  • Do not leave your car parked under power lines or trees.
  • Secure the windows as tightly as you can.
  • Apply the emergency brake.

 When the storm is raging:

  • Avoid routes that are in flood zones or low lying areas, if you aren’t sure if you can make it through the area safely, don’t try. Flash floods are a reality!
  • Keep away from fallen power lines. If your vehicle is hit by fallen power lines, try to stay in the vehicle.  If you have to exit the vehicle use extreme caution.  Don’t make contact with the car and the ground at the same time.  Jump as far away from the vehicle as you can.

 Finally, after the storm is over: 

  • Pay attention when driving. Look for downed power lines and avoid them if possible.  Traffic lights will not be working and street signs are likely to have blown away.
  • If you have suffered a loss, report it as soon as possible


Feel free to call us at 914-723-7100  or click the link below to report a claim directly to your insurance carrier.  


  • Have your policy number available, if possible
  • If you can safely do so, take photographs of the damage or provide a verbal description
  • Make a note of the claim adjuster’s name, telephone number and inspection schedule
  • Keep your receipts if you are unable to return home for a time to help with the claims process
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