The importance of fire prevention

By: Denise Koslowsky

Details are still unfolding about the large Scarsdale house fire that occurred this weekend.

Reports have suggested that the fire posed more of a threat due to the amount of clutter found in the home.  We wanted to take the opportunity to list a few of the ways it can make a bad situation worse:

  • Clutter can block exits such as doorways, hallways and windows which can prevent both an easy escape for residents and an easy access for firefighters.
  • If easily flammable items such as magazines or newspapers are kept near cooking areas or stove tops, it drastically increases your fire risk.
  • Papers piled around heaters and or electrical items can also increase the fire risk.

Do what you can to keep clutter to a minimum and be sure that there are fire alarms in good working order and consider having an automatic sprinkler system installed.

Our thoughts are with those touched by this tragedy.


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