We’re With You Everywhere – Travel Trips for your Summer Get Away

By: Denise Koslowsky

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Summer just screams vacation doesn’t it?  July and August by far are the most popular months chosen by Americans get away and relax.  Advocate Brokerage wants to help our clients maximize their vacation fun by helping to minimize their vacation stress.  Below are a few thoughts on the subject…

What fun it is to plan a vacation!  From choosing the location, to selecting the perfect accommodations, to finding the best places to dine, and picking activities that are fun for the whole family, planning a vacation is the best.  Be sure you spend some time planning for a safe trip as well.  Below are some of our favorite planning tips:

  • When you are packing make the decision to leave valuable jewelry at home even if grandma’s earrings are the perfect accent to your best party dress.  It just isn’t worth the risk of getting them lost or stolen.
  • Try your best to plan for your spending before you leave.  Find out the money culture of your vacation destination and plan accordingly.  It is important to know if the local culture leans more toward a cash economy or if automation is common.  Ask questions and find out if your credit cards will be compatible as you head out to explore.  It is also wise to convert to the correct currency and get a variety of denominations (including a combination on bills and coins) before you leave.  Finally, figure out where and how you are going to carry your cash as you explore your vacation location.
  • Plan for the unexpected.  Take a photo and scan your important documents to store online before you leave.  That way if you lose your passport, you’ll be able to obtain a copy of it and if you leave your travel itinerary in the seat pocket of the airplane it will be easier to make it to your final destination.

 Don’t forget about preparing your home – If you are planning to be away for any length of time it is a good idea to take precautions to make it seem like you are home.  Keep your car parked in the driveway if that is what you usually do, have timers installed on lights to make it seem like you are home, and make arrangements to have your mail and packages held until you are back.

As tempting as it is to post your vacation pictures while you are away, please wait.  4 out of 5 thieves report that they troll social media to see who is away. 

If you travel frequently, a Central Station Fire and Burglar Alarm is very important.  Your home is nearly 3 times more vulnerable to theft without this added protection.  If you want to learn more about Central Station Fire and Burglar Alarms read our preventable tragedies blog here

93% of all water damage is preventable.

In addition to a Central Station Alarm, having smart technology that monitors your home for water leaks is invaluable.  Even when you take precautions such as unplugging your refrigerator, a water leak can still occur while you are away.  The number one claim we see even during the summer is for water damage.  If you do not have a water flow alarm, consider turning off your water while you are away.  If you want to read more about how these new technology solutions are adding a new level of home protection, click here to read our blog on the subject.

 We would also recommend that you contact your local authorities and let them know that you will be away.  Ask them if they would drive by your home frequently to make sure that everything is in order and there are no signs of theft, vandalism or other types of damage.

While you are on your adventure, taking safety precautions is important.  The most important advice we can give is about handling your money.  Don’t keep all your cash, credit cards and identification all in one place.  Put your cash in a pocket close to your body, keep your credit cards in a trimmed down version of your wallet (or in a travel wallet) and keep your identification in another location, that way if you are the victim of a burglary, you are less likely to lose everything.

Just in case

If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation despite your careful planning, keep in mind:

  • If you run out of cash and need an ATM, visit one at a large bank or in the lobby of a larger hotel.
  • If you have an issue and you need to file a claim or get help from emergency travel assistance, be sure to have the contact information stored in multiple places.  Keep it stored in your cell phone, place a copy of the information in your wallet and keep it on hand with your travel itinerary.


Protecting your Interests:

 Did you know that 56% of travel insurance claims are filed due to medical costs? 

 For extra piece of mind, consider customized travel coverage.  With a variety of options available we can help you come up with a protection plan that is a perfect fit for your vacation.  You can have:

  • Coverage should your vacation need to be cancelled suddenly due to illness or severe weather conditions.
  • Peace of mind if an unexpected medical emergency occurs during your travels.
  • Coverage in the event that your valuables are lost or stolen while you are away.
  • Protection from identity theft whether you are traveling domestically or abroad.

If you are planning a trip and have concerns about protecting your interests either here in the US or on vacation abroad, please give us a call. We are here to serve our clients while providing insight and education regarding the things that matter most. At Advocate Brokerage, We’re With You Everywhere.

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