Why We Work So Hard To Educate Each Client We Serve

By: Denise Koslowsky

Since the beginning, Advocate Brokerage has focused on making the whole process of buying insurance a pleasurable one.  Our philosophy was simple; we figured that by spending time with people and getting to know them, we could hand pick the insurance solutions for their specific needs.

Understanding Customers
The more we know about our customers – the things that are happening in their life, what their priorities are, what their financial concerns are – the better we are able to serve them.  This knowledge allows us to represent you and advocate on your behalf with insurance companies.  Not only will we help you find the coverage you need, we can customize policies in ways that benefit you, protect your interests and perhaps save you money in the process.

Understanding Insurance
We understand insurance.
We have years of experience in the midst of a jargon-filled industry.

We love insurance.

We live to learn more about the latest trends, changes and legislation in the insurance market.

We genuinely want to help.
We know that most people don’t understand the details of their insurance policies and that can lead to insecurity and misinformation.  We want to change that.  We want to walk you through your policies, explain the types of coverage available, and help you understand why you need them.

We educate each client we serve so that we can help them to have a clear understanding of the coverage being offered, so that they can make informed decisions.

Providing Peace of Mind
The bottom line of all of this is that we want to make sure you have the right insurance coverage for your needs.  Not too much insurance, not too little insurance, just the right insurance for you.  We’ve been in business for 50 years so as you can imagine, we’ve seen a lot of things.  We learn from each claim we’ve walked through with our clients and we pass on the things we’ve learned to our clients.  The coverage we recommend truly has your best interest at heart.  We want our clients to live their life and relax, knowing that we’ve obsessed to find you the right coverage for your needs.

Make Us Part of Your Team
Use us as a resource!  If you have any questions, we would to answer them.  Pick our brains, take advantage of our knowledge and learn more about your options. As part of your team we are better able to create the perfect plan for your specific insurance needs.  Please get in touch with us at 914-723-7100.

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