No Tricks, Only Treats This Halloween Season

By: Advocate Brokerage

As the ghosts and goblins prepare to make their monthly homage throughout the neighborhood, it’s time for you to safeguard your home against liabilities.


A Pre-Halloween Safety Sweep

One of your first tasks (after setting your candy and pumpkins out, of course!) is to ensure that your exterior lighting is functional. Confirm that motion detectors have a full battery and that none of your exterior bulbs have burned out. You’ll also want to clear any potential hazards, such as wayward toys, from the porch, lawn, and walkways. Examine railings and banisters for damage and make repairs before the big night. Now is also a great time to clear out the garage so that you can park indoors on All Hallows Eve.


Decoration Safety

We don’t often think about our decorations posing an insurance liability, but they can. If you have inflatables or other seasonal decor that requires access to power, take steps to properly secure extension cords. And if you are one of the many families who will set out the ever-popular (and heavy) 12-foot skeleton this year, ensure that it is secured to the ground. Be cautious with jack-o’-lanterns – battery-powered candles are much safer than fire – and don’t load your electrical system more than it can handle.


When Out And About

While you’ll want to keep your home safe, you also have added responsibilities when on the road come Halloween night. Keep an eye out for children darting across the street, put your cell phone away, and plan for an Uber if you’ll be indulging in your own adult treats. When trick-or-treating with your children, stay on designated walkways, keep the kids close, and carry a flashlight or glow sticks.


Pets And Halloween

Dogs, cats, and other household pets should be kept away from trick-or-treaters. Even the friendliest animals may get spooked or startled by a headless man or hyperactive hobgoblin lurking on the porch. If possible, have a family member stay indoors with your pets and station someone outside to pass out candy to reduce doorbell dings.

What To Do When Issues Arise

With a bit of preemptive planning, you can enjoy a safe and fun Halloween evening. However, no amount of preparation can prevent all issues from popping up. Know what to do in case of an emergency. A few tips here include:

  • Clean up any major messes from vandalism or accidents as soon as possible. This includes smashed pumpkins and broken bulbs.
  • If you incur minor damage, consider paying out-of-pocket so as not to affect your future premiums.
  • Contact your insurance Advocate as soon as possible if you must file a claim or if someone is injured on your property.


From an insurance standpoint, we hope that your Halloween isn’t as scary as the wolves and warlocks collecting confections at your door. But know that if you need us, we will be there. As your insurance Advocate, we want to make sure that you know the potential risks and ways to mitigate them. Today’s tips can help you have a safe, sound, and candy-fueled kickoff to the holiday season.

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