Protect Your Winter Wonderland With These Simple Steps

By: Advocate Brokerage

There is a chill in the air and Jack Frost is knocking at the door. That means it’s time to take the holiday decorations down from the attic and prepare for the festivities of the season. But more than that, now’s also the time to take steps to get your home ready for the winter. Get started with today’s tip.

  • Do a perimeter sweep to ensure that damaged walkways, stairs, or banisters are fixed so that they do not pose additional dangers when snow or ice cover the ground.
  • Insulate the pipes. Frozen water pipes can burst and cause the need for costly repairs. Wrap exposed pipes, insulate the water heater, and drain outdoor faucets and hoses – this includes the irrigation system.
  • Seal drafts by caulking and weatherstripping around windows and door frames. You can also install a door sweep at the floor of exterior doors to lessen cold air seepage.
  • Clean the gutters and downspouts to prevent overflow throughout the late fall and winter seasons. Doing so may help prevent damage to your home’s roof, landscaping, and foundation.
  • Trim overgrown foliage and limbs from overhead trees. Contact your local tree service if you have dead branches, as these can easily crack and fall under the weight of ice.
  • Insulate the attic and check for air leaks. This can help to prevent ice dams, which are a buildup of ice caused by the cycle of freezing, melting, and refreezing snow.
  • Install detection systems that monitor for carbon monoxide, smoke, and radon.
  • Stock up on crucial winter supplies, such as ice melt for the walkways, nonperishable foods, and water.
  • Invest in a whole-home generator to ensure that you are not left in the dark during storms or seasonal power outages.
  • Make sure your vehicle is also ready by swapping the wiper blades, changing the fluids, and stocking up on your emergency supplies. This should include flares, extra clothing, a power bank, and an ice scraper.
  • Check your snowblower and shovels to make sure they are in good working order before the start of the season.
  • Contact your preferred plowing or snow removal company to confirm their plans in case of a heavy winter storm.


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